Today, I met an Iowan.

Today, while waiting for a student to buy one of her used textbooks (something I’ve been doing often lately), I met 3 other students who were also there to see her. One of them was this lanky fellow from Iowa, of all places! Oddly enough, I’m considered an “expat” now (from the Latin, “ex” meaning out of and “patria” meaning homeland, not that I’m an ex-patriotic person! If anything, I have newfound appreciation for the good old US of A since living abroad). As interesting and fun as it is to be meeting people of all nationalities, there’s something special about bumping into a fellow American. I expected to meet more here than I have thus far.



One thought on “Today, I met an Iowan.

  1. I love the word expat. Idk, when I was in China, the word “expat” always evoked high buildings, designer things (fancy shops, restaurants, bars, clubs, etc)… it was a crazy world over there in Beijing… how does being an expat feel in Budapest? 🙂

    Also IOWA! That is wonderful! Let me know if you meet someone from KY 🙂 -jarkie loves charkie.

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