Today, I am loving Cool Britannia!! (Glossybox Best of Britain Limited Edition Review)

Downton Abbey is coming back to the UK on September 22! I vowed to never watch it again after how Season 3 ended, but I just can’t seem to keep away from it. Chelsea FC is an English football club. We love the royal family (and the royal baby is adorbs). Not to mention, I believe my current crush is English (hahahaha or I just have a really bad sense of such things and he just has a Southern accent… um, not the same thing? … uh… right). Do you see a trend? We/I kind of love cool Britannia! Glossybox does too… I was so excited to receive my Glossybox Best of Britain (Limited Edition) today! 🙂

If you’re unfamiliar with Glossybox, it’s a subscription box (it’s about $20 a month depending on your subscription plan). I recently opted out because I wanted to cut back on my spending… I did enjoy Glossybox when I had it (check out my previous boxes here). I’ve also purchased their Mother’s Day Limited Edition box which I enjoyed. I’m even happier with my Best of Britain box!

Glossybox has the cutest packaging!

Each box comes with a Glossybox Union Jack accessory bag, a small bag that is great for traveling. I have too many random bags, so expect this in a future giveaway 🙂

Steamcream All-in-One Natural Moisturizer for Face Body & Hands (2.65 oz / $19.50)
This is probably one of my favorite products in this box. The light scent is perfect, giving it a very “natural” and “handmade” feel. It’s got a very light, whipped texture (sour cream?) that I love! I’ll be using it for my dry elbows and knees as fall and winter coming in.

Mitchell and Peach Luxury Hand Cream (2.1 fl oz / $26.00)
EXCITED. I’ve been using my MOR luxury hand cream from my previous Blush box a little too quickly… so this will be a perfect replacement. This one’s got Vitamin E, shea butter, and English honey to soothe your hands. I just used some and it’s oh so light, delightful, smells wonderful… and the best part is that it absorbs very easily.

Batiste Dry Shampoo blush (1.6 fl oz / $2.30)
I recently purchased the full-size version of this on my TJ Maxx haul. Love it! I use it daily to give my hair a nice texture/body/shape/shine. It smells nice & has a nice cooling effect when you spray it on… this is a perfect travel-size version!

HD Brows Grow Baby Grow ($45.60)
Eh… I think this is the last of my concerns. If anything, my eyebrows are too bushy and need to STOP growing. Thus, I can’t comment on this product. But if this is something you want to try, do keep an “eye” out… as it’ll probably appear in a future giveaway 🙂

MeMeMe Cosmetics Beat the Blues Skin Illuminator in Pearl Pink (0.41 fl oz / $8.30) 
I’m EXCITED, again. Now when I stay up too late watching shows/dramas or getting stressed out by work/studies/apps, I can fight the dullness of my skin with this illuminator. Iridescent is the key word here!

Nails Inc. Kensington Caviar Top Coat (0.33 fl oz / $18.20) 
That is some expensive Top Coat. They say it’s got 45-second dry-time formula, which is true. Dried really quickly! Gives your nail polish a little (tiny bit) of added shine! I can’t comment on chipping since I just applied it tonight.

NailGirls London WHITE#1 (0.33 fl oz / $12.90)
Um… I’ve never tried white nail polish. According to Glossybox’s description, it’s this season’s trend. I guess it can look alright… but I don’t think it’s work-place appropriate. It would good for my coworkers to NOT think that I just applied a ton of white-out from the supplies closet onto my nails. LOL. But it’ll be good for a french look 🙂

Helen É Lasting Lip Colour in Raspberry (0.12 oz / $12.20)
I love the creaminess to this lipstick. It goes on so smoothly and nicely… and the color is very vibrant. However, raspberry is a bit too dark for me. But I’ll hold onto it… and maybe if I need to have a more mature or brooding look, I can make use of this shade.


Final Thoughts? The value of the box came to $145, which definitely covers what I paid for it ($40). However, personally, this box is worth $100 (since I won’t be using the HD brows)… but that’s still a great value! I really loved that the box covered skincare, makeup, nail care, and hair care. A really great Limited Edition box. I’m really glad I was able to grab one of these 🙂 Did you get this box? Have you gotten previous Glossybox Limited Edition Boxes? What are you thoughts? Would love to hear them 🙂

Until next time~ (my birchbox also came tonight… so next time probably means another review tomorrow hehe). Good night~!

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Today, I’m feeling the American Beauty… (Glossybox June 2013)

Wow! Glossybox sure surprised me this month! The box came in earlier, but I was busy with getting my car fixed. That process took over 6 hours… but luckily there was a mall across the street…so, retail therapy!! I’ll post the items that were the products of the therapy session, but back to the box! Glossybox had given us so many sneak peeks (and eventually revealing the box contents) before the box actually shipped. I suppose this was to keep our curiosity alive since the boxes were sent out later than usual this month…  That did not bother me, because I was so happy with the products and the packaging and everything else!

Note: I’ll begin writing more reviews of all the products that I’ve either stumbled upon by myself or have received in these boxes. You can use the menu above (look under “Health/Beauty”) to navigate the subscription box and product reviews … 🙂

The box + GLOSSYBOX MAG (june 2013)

The box + GLOSSYBOX MAG (june 2013)

This month, fashion illustrator Dallas Shaw made a sketch of The Glossy Girl … featured on the lids of all the boxes (see above picture). In addition, she curated the product collection of the box. I suppose I must thank her, because I love the box!

photo 2 (23)

Box at a glance

A print of Dallas Shaw’s sketch of The Glossy Girl (the same one was printed on the lids of the box) is included in the box… if you flip it over, it’s a list of all the products included in this months box. I really like the sketch and think I’ll use it as decoration on my walls.

photo 3 (22)

Oscar de la Renta ESSENTIAL LUXURES (0.18 fl oz/ ~$7.94)
I love that all six fragrance samples were included. The silk bag that the samples came in was a nice touch .. definitely made these seem luxurious. And woah, these perfumes are expensive! I think I like Granada the most (I love jasmine scents!)… but here’s a short description of each scent (from the magazines):

  • Sargasso – Fresh citrus notes, watery cucumber and patchouli
  • Coralina Blend of mimosa, violet, orris
  • Granada – Romantic citrus floral .. jasmine petals/bitter orange with exotic roses …
  • Oriental Lace A blend of hoya carnosa flower and honey and bitter almond with dark cacao and patchouli
  • Santo Domingo – Smooth, smoky with notes of mandarin, coriander, tobacco, patchouli and spices
  • Mi Corazon – Tuberose and ylang-ylang with peach

photo 4 (20)

Tarte Complexion Enhancing Lipstick (Full size 3.5 g / $14.50)
I applied this lipstick to my hand and really loved the shade, a sort of creamy & glossy pink shade. However, I noticed that the packaging is not the best… Tip: do not twist up too much of the lipstick… to avoid it falling off … it must have something to do with their eco-packing. I almost broke mine! I could feel it wobbling!

Spa Ritual in Whirlwind Romance (Full size .5 fl oz / $12.00)
I really don’t use nail polish all too much, but I love this shade. I think I’m going to keep this one. This line of polish is created from naturally formulated, vegan, certified-organic and fair-trade ingredients.

photo 5 (16)

c. Booth Honey Almond Nourishing Dry Oil Mist (2 fl oz/ $4.00)
They call it a lightweight dry oil … though when I sprayed it on… it was very oily and thick. They also say it’s a gentle sweet blend, but I’d say that it smells really really sweet. Despite that, the oil mist definitely made my arms, legs and hair feel soft. I will definitely be using this for right after showers to seal in the moisture.

Philip B Styling Gel (2 fl oz/ $6.00)
Every box this month comes with a Philip B product. I wish I could have gotten a conditioner or some other sort of product because I don’t really style my hair 😛 … but I can’t complain. It’s definitely a nice size… you should see this product in an upcoming giveaway!

Final Thoughts? I was really amazed by this months collection. The total value of the box came to about $44.44. I signed up for the 3-month subscription and this was my 3rd box. I’m sad that I will not be extending my subscription… mostly because I’m cutting down to only having 2-3 subscriptions now.

Did you get this month’s box? What did you think about it?

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Today, I review my glossybox…

I got my glossybox last weekend! 🙂 According to their website, “Glossybox is a bespoke box of 5-6 luxury-sized cosmetic and wellness samples hand-picked by our beauty experts and mailed directly to your door. No matter which subscription plan you choose, from once-a-month to just once, this box is perfect little present from you to you!”

IMG_3634 IMG_3636

This is the first time I’ve tried it out… I love the packing and the box itself. A great box to store random items in.

IMG_3639 IMG_3641

1. TIGI glow blush $22/0.70 oz – full size! – this was the item that they have revealed would be in every box. I dabbed a little on my cheeks and I really like the glow it gave.

2. BVLGARI – $9.50/0.50 oz – full size! – never heard of a tea bag for bath! The first thing I thought was, can I drink this? But I do love baths. I have yet to take a bath in my new (well it’s not new) apartment, so this will give me a great excuse to kill 2 birds with one stone. Supposedly relaxes and calms your mind with the white tea.

IMG_3642 IMG_3646

3. Le Metier De Beaute Replenishing Daily Solution$13.25/ 0.1 oz – All I can say is even with $75 off of $225, I will not be purchasing this sample. The lotion itself felt so good though. I made sure to squeeze the sample into a leftover jar so that I can get as many uses out of this one packet as I can.

4. FREE GIFTZOYA nail polish 🙂 My free gift with coupon code.


5. Alterna Bamboo Style Boho Waves$4.45 /0.85 oz – I’ve been curious about Alterna hair products and have really wanted to try it out. I’m a fan of the Pure Kendi Oil so I was excited when I received this in my box. I love waves but my hair apparently hates anything that’s not straight, coarse, and flat. So hopefully this works wonders. Haha.

6. Wash With Joe Coffeemint Invigorating Bodywash$1.75 / 1.0 oz – The coffee and mint combo is so great! It really wakes me up. Good travel size bottle to take on trips and such.

7. Honest Co. Organic Lip Balm $3.31 – I got the purely simple one. The original 3-pack also comes with lavendar mint and sweet orange vanilla. I wish I had gotten one of the flavored balms but I can’t complain. My lips are always chapped so this was a good addition to the box.


This was my first glossybox… The value of the box came out to be more than $54.00.  I really enjoyed the variety of products that I got. After my 3-month sub is up, however, I don’t know if I’ll continue with this.

Hope you enjoyed yours!

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