Today, I’m admiring Kate Middleton’s Easy-to-Recreate Half-up Hairstyle…

I ate too much this morning. Dim Sum. It just touched my heart (Just so you know… I’m borrowing from the literal translation of the phrase: dim sum). On a completely different note, I’ve noticed that I’m very BORING with my hair.  I don’t blow-dry it, I don’t straighten it, I don’t comb it, I don’t brush it. I don’t do anything except for wash it. Today, I used an ALTERNA product that helped me create lovely waves, but I thought to myself… why not add some change into my life? And who better to turn to than the lovely Duchess of Cambridge? In celebration of her, of her newborn, and everything, here’s the hairstyle of the day 🙂

I love wearing my hair half up. I also love that this hairstyle isn’t too plain or boring. Instead of just tying a chunk of her hair with a hairband, she weaves it through… kind of like making a basket! Anyways, I’m sorry to admit that I was too lazy to take a picture of me doing this so I’m borrowing from Glamour’s Tutorial: CHECK IT OUT HERE

There you have it!

Is this something you’d try? Did you like it? Was it easy or difficult? Have fun with it and have a lovely weekend!


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