The Versatile Blogger Award

We are so happy to have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by a blogger we’ve enjoyed reading over at Makeup and All That Jazz. She’s got some great makeup/beauty tips (and also some lovely vacation photos!). It’s a good thing that she reminded us that we’ve actually also been nominated by Charlotte over at My Crazy, New York, Post-Grad Life. Yep yep… we’re slackers 😛 just kidding.

We are so honored to accept this award. And the rules are as follows –

  • Display the award on your blog
  • Mention/link the people who nominated you
  • Nominate another 15 blogs/bloggers who you feel should be given this award
  • Inform them you have nominated them
  • Write 7 facts about yourself

Seven (7) interesting facts about us –

  1. What Charkie has to say about Arkie – One awesome thing about Arkie is her prescience.  She has a way of looking ahead to prepare us well for the uncertainties of events months down the line. I’m still thankful that she  mentally prepped me for college graduation starting in September of senior year.
  2. What Arkie has to say about Jarkie – Jarkie has had a fascination with India ever since she studied abroad there, and she knows a ton about Bollywood, Indian culture, and some phrases in Hindi.
  3. What Jarkie has to say about Markie – Markie is miss future red-carpet gal and also a future Chelsea WAG (wives and girlfriends, just to be clear)… spend five minutes with her and she’ll have you as a hardcore Chelsea FC fan! But best of all … her favorite musician is TAYLOR SWIFT 😛 😛 (okay, the last sentence there might be an exaggeration).
  4. What Markie has to say about Charkie – Charkie is a music guru! If I ever need music recommendations or the best songs from a band that I have never heard of, she’s the go-to girl!
  5. Random general-arkies fact #1 – The -arkies were frequent patrons of Hong Kong Cafe, Guglhupf, and the Washington Duke Inn when they lived in Durham, North Carolina.
  6. Random general-arkies fact #2 – Another awesome thing about the -arkies, and something that helps us relate to one another, is that all of our parents were immigrants to the USA (as were half the -arkies). Being first-generation Americans has informed our outlook on society enormously and in commom ways, though the countries of origin vary.
  7. Random general-arkies fact #3 – The -arkies at todaycommai were originally going to name their blog “That One Thing,” however, the name was already taken.

And now … drumroll… the nominees are (blogs that we’ve enjoyed reading) –


Have a wonderful evening and Friday!

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Todaycommai’s Blogiversary Beauty Giveaway Winner Announced!

We’re happy to announce the winner of our Blogiversary Beauty Giveaway – Congratulations Nicole! Please check your inbox for our email … as you have 72 hours to respond to the email & claim your prize :) If you do not see our email by the end of today, please let us know at

Thanks to all our lovely readers for entering and for supporting our blog. We were so excited to see the response. More than 100 entries! We’re thrilled and that just means we’ve got to thank you more (aka another giveaway in the works… coming soon). Good night for now!

P.S. Sending out thoughts to y’alls and hoping the partial gov’t shutdown over on this side of the world won’t affect our lovely readers too much!

Reminder: Beauty Box Giveaway Valued at $140! :)

Happy Monday! We’re sitting here with out coffee, green teas, black teas, tasty breakfast foods (pastries? sandwiches?)… ready to face the week! How are you gearing up? Did you watch the Emmy Awards last night? What did you think? Anyways, this is just a reminder that you still have about a week left to enter our beauty box (valued at more than $140) giveaway. The giveaway includes Neutrogena, Lumene, L’OREAL, ORLY, LivingProof, Dr Dennis Groos products and more! Click on the photo below for more information and to enter the giveaway (or navigate to the giveaway tab up top ^). Giveaway ends on September 30! Good luck!

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Today, I begin my Journey to the East Beauty Series…

This Journey to the East started out with a friend of mine telling me about a foaming net. I remember at the time not really paying attention to the subject because I just did not understand the purpose of it. So we’re using a mini-loofah to cleanse our faces? Why? These were my first thoughts. However, later that evening, I stumbled upon this foaming net concept two more times: 1) in a youtube video (I don’t remember which video I clicked on now) and 2) Marie mentioned it in her NYC Chinatown haul post. Something I’ve never heard of before came into my life 3 times on that very day. Well, I guess that’s a sign 😛 The items that will be featured in “The Journey to the East” series are listed at the end of this post.

I’m just going to be talking about the foaming net today. It supposedly makes your foam cleanser foamy so that it can be gentle to your skin and not dry it out. I’ll bring my review of the foaming cleansers and the exfoliator next time! 🙂 The foaming net is really easy to use and pretty self explanatory but I’ve listed directions below… well mostly for fun 🙂

The particular foaming net that I bought comes with the net and 3 mini loofah’s inside. It also comes with a hook which I can attach to my mirror 🙂 Easy storage.

First, wet your foaming net with lukewarm water 🙂

Then add a small amount of your facial cleanser to the net (dime size is sufficient).

Create some friction, whether that’s rubbing between your palms or squeezing the net. Add a little more of the water to create a generous lather.

Ta da! You’ve got lots of foam… cleanse your face gently with it!

Verdict.  I’ve been using this net for almost two weeks now and find that my face is feeling smoother and brighter. BUT that could also be psychological. Either way, I think I’ll continue to use the foaming net. One added benefit is that it can sure make your cleanser last for a lot longer since you don’t have to use as much of it. Saves money? Yep, I’ll take this one! 🙂 Have you used a foaming net before? Did you get any results? If you’ve never heard of this before, do you think you’ll be likely to use it? 


Journey to East Beauty Series – Product List

I picked up the the two foaming cleansers and the perfect oil at my local Chinese grocery store. I found the foaming net and the cure aqua gel (exfoliator) on Amazon. If you’re looking to find these items and do not have a physical store you can go to, I’ve provided the links for amazon at the end of this post (there might be even better deals on the internet, so I suggest you search around).


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SomethingNavy Dress and Jewelmint Bracelet Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to Amber over at Amber Writes for winning the dress and bracelet! We hope you will like the dress and Wow people with the matching duo. 🙂 A big thanks to everyone who entered our giveaway. And of course, are Beauty Box Giveaway (valued at more than $140) is going on for the month of September, so you still have lots of time to enter that! 🙂

Amber, expect an email from us by the end of the day today! 🙂

That’s all for now, but more stories to come. Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

As Always,
❤ Charkie, Arkie, Jarkie, and Markie @todaycommai

Today, we announce the winner of the (beloved) Chelsea FC Flag!

We’re happy to announce the winner of our anniversary giveaway!

The Chelsea FC flag goes to Christina!

Congratulations! Please check your inbox for our email! If you do not see our email by the end of today, please let us know at Thanks to all our lovely readers for entering and for supporting our blog. Keep reading for more exciting stories and giveaways!

Have a fantastic Thursday 🙂

Dress & Bracelet Giveaway Reminder! :)

Just a reminder that our SomethingNavy Dress and Jewelmint Bracelet giveaway will end in two days! To enter, click on the link or click on picture below 🙂

Feel free to check what giveaways we have currently going on. Talk to you all soon~ 🙂

As Always, 

Charkie, Arkie, Markie, Jarkie