Charkie put a ban on my use of all-caps for the application process (“all-caps should only be used to report acceptances”). Party Pooper. 😛 But I’m going to break this rule just for now. Somehow despite all my claims to be in love with Taylor Swift, I missed the fact that she co-wrote a song with Jack Antonoffguitarist from fun., for the British film One Chance! I believe it’s up on iTunes today. AHHHHHH *squeal*

Enjoy! I suppose I should get back to work now.

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Today, that’s what SHE said!

And tis a crazy day! Today, I just feel like celebrating women, because I just feel like it. I’m just providing four random quotes from awesome women below — Please share with us any of your favorite quotes (by women or men or anyone or anything)!

On Pretty Men (or Man) – 


All women love Colin Firth: Mr. Darcy, Mark Darcy, George VI—at this point he could play the Craigslist Killer and people would be like, ‘Oh my God, the Craigslist Killer has the most boyish smile!
― Mindy Kaling

On Science –


I am among those who think that science has great beauty. A scientist in his laboratory is not only a technician: he is also a child placed before natural phenomena which impress him like a fairy tale.
― Marie Curie

On beauty – 


“If you retain nothing else, always remember the most important rule of beauty, which is: who cares?”
Tina Fey

On getting places –


“My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.”
― The Queen, Alice in Wonderland

Today, I am enjoying the comfort of home and prepping…

Ahhhhh, tomorrow is TBD (THE BIG DAY). Sorry… not my wedding. I hope I didn’t get your hopes up. An interview! Epp! Excited, nervous, flurries of little butterflies hitting the lining of my stomach. OH NO. I found this photo on my computer as I was cleaning it up. It’s of a sign in a bathroom (I can’t remember which bathroom now… was it Parker & Otis?) of a brunch place that I dined in with Markie back in April (DURHAM).


I’ll try to remember that whenever I get nervous or am feeling down. Also reminds me of a similar message of J. Cole’s song with TLC “Crooked Smile.” The MV is worth a watch; it’s sad, but it’s based on a true story. I won’t say much about it, however, it’s worth watching and then doing some research afterwards, whether you want to use news articles or Wiki or google.. up to you! But always remember, you look lovely! Ahhhh… good luck to me, have a lovely Friday and a lovely weekend!

J. Cole ft TLC – Crooked Smile (<– click on link to watch music video)

Online Shopping and the “Kate Middleton Effect”


Yesterday, after the British Monarchy released this photo of Prince William, Kate Middleton, and their totally adorable newborn baby, the dress she was wearing in the photo sold out in two hours. Isn’t that crazy? Customers are even calling the maternity brand and begging them to check their stock again and again to see if all the dresses are really gone. (I’m covering this story today, and I’m flabbergasted by it, so I thought I’d pop by to share.)

For all of you out there who want this dress (and I don’t blame you, it’s beautiful!), they will be available again on September 16th.

Image Courtesy: British Monarchy Facebook page

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Today, I am enjoying new music and new samples (Birchbox August 2013)…

Allo! My Birchbox arrived yesterday. I’ve noticed that I’ve started to become less and less enthusiastic when it comes to opening my Birchbox. I must be spoiled from my boxes (Allure box, Blush, NewBeauty) that give me lots of full-size goodies that these little samples just don’t really do much for me.

But if you’re looking for an introductory subscription box, this is still one of the best ones to try out, IMHO.

And actually, the more I think about this Birchbox, the more content I am feeling 🙂 It was a good value box (valued at $29.29), all the products are products that I would use…. and all were pretty decently sized this time. Okay, happy gal! 😀 What did you receive in your box? Did you like it? 

August 2013 – BIRCHBOX

  • EVOLVh UltraShine Moisture Conditioner (2 oz / $5.88) – I received this product in my TotalBeauty mystery collection… it’s a perfect travel size conditioner. I’ll definitely be using it!
  • derma e Hydrating Mist (2 oz/ $13.50) – FULL SIZE! – FULL SIZE products make me happy! This is a very light and refreshing mist. My face felt a little smoother after spraying it on… dunno if that’s a psychological thing….
  • stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick (.03 oz / $6.60) – The color is too bright for me… so I’ll most likely gift it or add it into a future giveaway (we’ll definitely be having one soon :D)
  • whish Exfoliating Body Wash (0.75 oz/ $2.75) – I used this last night … it smells good, has fine beads… my only complaint is that it’s a bit runny, so I feel like you might end up losing a lot of the wash.
  • whish Deodorant Swipes (1 wipe/ $0.53) Interesting concept… This would be perfect to keep in my bag in case I ever forget deodorant O_O hahaha

And as for new music, Lily & Madeleine are coming out with an album in October! Charkie first introduced me to them and I LOVE THEM. Here ya go… a preview for their new album!

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Today, I recap the weekend!

Whooooo, thanks to Markie, I’m officially a Chelsea FC fan! Markie came to see the Chelsea vs Roma (read this article… since I am no sports reporter… or wait for Markie’s official post) friendly at RFK Stadium in DC. I decided to tag along with her and who knew? My fascination for free things and pretty men would bring me to be a fan. Since it was a friendly [I’m assuming this], both teams seemed to be conserving energy. The second half definitely seemed to have far more energy.

For some weird reason, the section we were seated in decided to stand the entire game. No one else in the stadium did that. This led to some commotion with people behind us screaming “SIT DOWN. SIT DOWN. SIT DOWN.” Someone went as far to scream “THERE ARE LITTLE KIDS BACK HERE. THEY CAN’T SEE. SIT DOWN.” It was a bit frustrating, since I’m lazy and I like sitting. I would have been able to see so much more had everyone sat. Both oh well 🙂

And now to my collection, nine Chelsea flags. A CFC scarf, a jersey (that is technically for my dad… but for now, it belongs to me 😛 ), a pin…. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 a lanyard. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 Okay, that’s it for now.

Score: 2 CHELSEA, 1 ROMA

Okay and for the pictures –

In action (sort of)

Prettty oscar.

Um… anyone feeling a little warm? Nando

David making his way into RFK. Markie thinks he had a limp. Me thinks he was just trying to be cool 😛 😛 😛

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Today, I’m admiring Kate Middleton’s Easy-to-Recreate Half-up Hairstyle…

I ate too much this morning. Dim Sum. It just touched my heart (Just so you know… I’m borrowing from the literal translation of the phrase: dim sum). On a completely different note, I’ve noticed that I’m very BORING with my hair.  I don’t blow-dry it, I don’t straighten it, I don’t comb it, I don’t brush it. I don’t do anything except for wash it. Today, I used an ALTERNA product that helped me create lovely waves, but I thought to myself… why not add some change into my life? And who better to turn to than the lovely Duchess of Cambridge? In celebration of her, of her newborn, and everything, here’s the hairstyle of the day 🙂

I love wearing my hair half up. I also love that this hairstyle isn’t too plain or boring. Instead of just tying a chunk of her hair with a hairband, she weaves it through… kind of like making a basket! Anyways, I’m sorry to admit that I was too lazy to take a picture of me doing this so I’m borrowing from Glamour’s Tutorial: CHECK IT OUT HERE

There you have it!

Is this something you’d try? Did you like it? Was it easy or difficult? Have fun with it and have a lovely weekend!


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