Today, blue is the colour! (And happy belated Valentine’s Day!)

I couldn’t think of another title and I have the Chelsea song stuck in my head so…sorry I’m not sorry. 

Anyway, hello all! I hope you had a lovely Valentine’s day! Even though that’s far away now, I’ll write a little about mine. My sister and I were valentines and our day was filled with donuts, sunshine, the apple store (unpleasant detour), a trolley ride, almond champagne, comfort foods, and dancing. It was pretty great! I have never really paid any attention to V-day but, for some reason, this one felt heightened…like I had to acknowledge it somehow. Anyway, here are some pics from the day’s adventures. I don’t have any clubby clothes…should probably get on that…but probably won’t!

Image Image


Anyway, amidst all the general meh-ness of the past couple of weeks, little things keep on brightening my day! One of my fave TV shows has come back after a year so I’m excited to fall into that abyss again. I’ve been getting good feedback on some of my script coverage, which is always nice. I baked Chai Tea Shortbread Cookies today! They were yummy, lemme know if you want a recipe! And, last but definitely not least, the sun has been shining so that literally brightens my days. OH, also, a friend of my sister’s made me a hula hoop for my b-day (they’re really into hooping and very good at it! They even hoop with fire!) so I’ve been getting better. I hooped for a good 30 minutes today! I need to work on getting my hips moving more so the hoop can move faster…maybe I’ll channel some Shakira 😛

Have a good week, all, and if you have a sec, share with us your favorite Valentine’s day story from this year or years past (or the best alternative V-Day you’ve had!)

Today, I’m channeling Dory.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

Love that phrase. And it’s funny because my building is literally surrounded by Ellen’s buildings so I feel like I channel her energy a lot lol. She’s a pretty cool lady.

Anyway, the past few months are starting to catch up with me and I’m getting a little tired. But I’m trying to shake it off and keep swimming.

Things that are helping:
-daily iMessages with Char/Jarkie
-Chelsea beating Manchester City today (historical stuff, my friends)
-getting comfortable enough with people here to start making weird, random noises
-watching The Good Wife like it’s going out of style

I’m gonna try to make it out to the beach this weekend, though it’s been a little “cold” in LA recently, so we’ll see about that.

Also, if anyone knows of a cure for the travel-flu, aggressive strain (that doesn’t involve going somewhere), let me know. The bug has hit full force. Thanks, Char, for your Vienna post…. 😛


Today, I am glad to live in California…

Sure, I wish that my family was here, my friends were here, that I had a paying job, my own place to live, that Juan Mata didn’t leave Chelsea for the worst team ever, that I could travel and travel and travel, and that life was generally a breeze BUT one thing I do not wish is that I didn’t live in California. Southern California. Where, no matter how crazy life gets or how stressful things seem, you can just go sit on the beach and watch the sunset (for free!) any day you want. That’s where I find my zen, if I may. At this moment, after getting off the phone with my Mom who is lamenting over the possibility of a massive snowstorm, I am glad that I live here. (And that I live here with my wonderful sister.)

A lot has happened, friends, since I posted last. 2014 began, I turned a year older (YIKES), I started an internship (I’m learning how to read again…SO MUCH READING), started hula hooping (OMG so hard), met new people, joined a leadership team, and so on and so forth. I have to write all of these things down or I won’t believe that it has been almost 4 months since I moved here or that 26 days have passed by in January. I also have to write them down or I won’t believe that I’ve been doing things since I moved here.

Time flies. And it’s so easy to dwell on what hasn’t happened than to reflect on what has. Yes, I yearn for all those wishes I posted at the top. And yes, it hurts a little bit when I think too much of them. But I’m here and need to be as present as I can because cool things are happening and will happen and I don’t want to miss them when they do. 

P.S. My mom lectured me on how important writing on this blog was. Well, that’s a bit dramatic. But she did say that I need to keep writing. So I’ll try, promise. 

Thanks for your patience and, as always, thanks for reading.


Well technically, yesterday was my 1 month anniversary of being out here in sunny Los Angeles (slash Chino) but time got away from me so I’m posting today.

Wow. One month goes by REALLY fast. I can’t believe it’s been that long already and that Christmastime is heeeeeeeeeeere. I’m a Christmas crazy so these next couple of weeks will be pretty awesome.

It’s kind of hard to recap on a month that has been so busy. I’ve been meeting with all kinds of people (mostly Duke alum I reached out to en masse) and doing some pretty fun things like seeing a TV show taping and going to a TV show set for most of the day. The job search itself is a process that I need to find more patience in…I think having done it for the past year has jaded me a bit but now that I’m here, I need a new and fresh energy to bring to it! Oh, but I did land an internship recently! It’s crazy how just asking someone a question can get you something you didn’t plan for…like this internship. I’m really excited about it because now I really get to learn all about “the industry.” Hollywood is a weird place, folks, and it’s also kind of a small place. I see some of the same industry peeps at many different places and I bump into random actors as I walk around studio lots. But there’s a specific way that “Hollywood” (I put that in ” ” because H-wood is only a small part of the greater media making business but it’s just easier to call it one thing) operates and I’m looking forward to sneaking into that circle and figuring my way around. That being said, and I might rethink this after Monday when I start the internship but, this place isn’t as intimidating as I thought it would be. It’s actually kind of nice to see that nobody stands out here because there’s such a vast range of people. I don’t feel out of place or uncomfortable and try to remind myself to walk with confidence wherever I go. Of course, there are different neighborhoods that boast stereotypical people but, for the most part, it’s not as segmented as one might think. 

I’m currently dividing my time between my sister’s place in LA and my friend’s place in Chino. They’re about an hour apart so I try to plan my commutes wisely, spending days at a time in one place or the other. The only thing I knew about Chino before I got here was that Ryan from The OC was from here. Loved that show… Anyway, Chino is very quiet and small and there are a lot of horses here. Really, I’ll see random dudes on horses on the street. It caught me off guard the first couple of times but next time I see one, I won’t find it super weird (and I’ll try to take a not creepy picture).

Ok, I must take my leave now. I’m a different kind of busy here. The kind that doesn’t allow me to communicate as much as I would like–either because I’m not near my phone or because when I am near my phone, I’m so tired that I don’t really want to talk. I want to thank my other -arkies for their patience and for still messaging me anyway, even if I don’t respond. There are some other developments brewing in the next couple of days. I will let you know what they are when I find out what they are. Stay tuned…I’m pretty excited!


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Today, an update!

Hey all! So, as you could tell by the last post, I have moved out to LA! It doesn’t really feel like I’ve moved yet, actually. I’m not sure when the “I’m visiting” phase turns into the “I’m not leaving” phase but I hope to not notice it so as not to fall into a pit of nostalgia (which is bound to come anyway, as the holidays are approaching).

Ok, I digress. Back to the present. Yesterday was my first full day in this sunny paradise and it was a full day indeed.

My list of events included:
-Waking up way too early and milling around (while catching the Man U v Arsenal game on Telemundo! Thank goodness people out here watch as much football as I do)
-Church (the pastor of the church I went to in Oregon moved to LA and now I can go to his church, WOOT!)
-A hit and run (we got rear ended and then the guy  awkwardly circled around while we followed and then left!)

  • Saw a short films program and then a feature at night. BEST THING EVER. The Docs festival is coming this summer so I’m already getting ready for that. I also got to see some celebrities that probably only I recognized (no offense to them or anything…I just know way too much about way too much).
  • I highly recommend watching Noah (full version, nsfw) and Whale Valley (this was my FAVORITE and I wish it was a whole movie. Too bad I can only find the trailer…look for it!) The other films are called Social Butterfly, Safe, Carlota, The Roper, and Shadow of a Cloud. If you’re interested in knowing which ones I liked and didn’t like of those others, feel free to comment. The feature we saw was We Gotta Get Out Of This Place. Pretty dark, intense, just kinda crazy at some parts but overall well done. I did give it a 3 out of 5 but it’s more of a 3.5 or 3.75 😛 (And I should mention that we saw a beautifully shot short before the feature and it’s about horses and stuff. It’s called Wild Horses and watch the trailer.)

Ok, this post is getting long/turning into a film blog SO to quickly sum up the rest of the night, movie ends, get home and sprayed by the sprinklers, sister realizes that the thing I heard falling on the street was, in fact, her apartment key, we go back and search the streets for the key, don’t find the key, finally get home at 1am and I shower and pass out soon after. PHEW. Thankfully today was the EXACT opposite of that. I’ve occupied the same area all day while toiling away on my computer. Now, in an effort to procrastinate, I bring you this blog post. You’re welcome.

(thanks for reading! <3)