Charkie put a ban on my use of all-caps for the application process (“all-caps should only be used to report acceptances”). Party Pooper. 😛 But I’m going to break this rule just for now. Somehow despite all my claims to be in love with Taylor Swift, I missed the fact that she co-wrote a song with Jack Antonoffguitarist from fun., for the British film One Chance! I believe it’s up on iTunes today. AHHHHHH *squeal*

Enjoy! I suppose I should get back to work now.

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Today, I am enjoying the comfort of home and prepping…

Ahhhhh, tomorrow is TBD (THE BIG DAY). Sorry… not my wedding. I hope I didn’t get your hopes up. An interview! Epp! Excited, nervous, flurries of little butterflies hitting the lining of my stomach. OH NO. I found this photo on my computer as I was cleaning it up. It’s of a sign in a bathroom (I can’t remember which bathroom now… was it Parker & Otis?) of a brunch place that I dined in with Markie back in April (DURHAM).


I’ll try to remember that whenever I get nervous or am feeling down. Also reminds me of a similar message of J. Cole’s song with TLC “Crooked Smile.” The MV is worth a watch; it’s sad, but it’s based on a true story. I won’t say much about it, however, it’s worth watching and then doing some research afterwards, whether you want to use news articles or Wiki or google.. up to you! But always remember, you look lovely! Ahhhh… good luck to me, have a lovely Friday and a lovely weekend!

J. Cole ft TLC – Crooked Smile (<– click on link to watch music video)

Today, I’m feeling 22…

So as the Arkies know, I will be growing a bit older on Saturday. To celebrate this (why do we celebrate aging?), I will be leading an excursion to a farm where we will pick raspberries [hopefully], shop at a farmer’s market, go on an awesome hayride, and sit and laugh around a bonfire. It seems like the perfect fall outdoors activity and I am oh so excited! But until then, I will still feel 22 for 2 days hehe. So, now celebrating the past year… I think of Taylor Swift’s song “22.”

image via

I’ve definitely “dressed up like a hipster” (if one can do that. humph.) and made fun of my ex’s and had breakfast (Tastee Diner) at midnight… and fallen in love with strangers (pretty hair, pretty accent, oh you so pretty… ). The year gave me the chance to experience heartbreak, rekindle the flame, and then experience heartbreak a second time around. But such is what happens with growing older. I’ve figured out an idea of which direction (this would be life/career wise) I’m headed in now… and working on what needs to be done to go in that direction.

So with that, I’m excited for this 22, part II… with my lovely -arkies by my side 🙂

I don’t know about you (I don’t know about you)
But I’m feeling 22
Everything will be alright
If you keep me next to you
You don’t know about me (you don’t know about me)
But I’ll bet you want to
Everything will be alright
If we just keep dancing like we’re
22, ooh-ooh, yeah, yeah

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Today, I am enjoying new music and new samples (Birchbox August 2013)…

Allo! My Birchbox arrived yesterday. I’ve noticed that I’ve started to become less and less enthusiastic when it comes to opening my Birchbox. I must be spoiled from my boxes (Allure box, Blush, NewBeauty) that give me lots of full-size goodies that these little samples just don’t really do much for me.

But if you’re looking for an introductory subscription box, this is still one of the best ones to try out, IMHO.

And actually, the more I think about this Birchbox, the more content I am feeling 🙂 It was a good value box (valued at $29.29), all the products are products that I would use…. and all were pretty decently sized this time. Okay, happy gal! 😀 What did you receive in your box? Did you like it? 

August 2013 – BIRCHBOX

  • EVOLVh UltraShine Moisture Conditioner (2 oz / $5.88) – I received this product in my TotalBeauty mystery collection… it’s a perfect travel size conditioner. I’ll definitely be using it!
  • derma e Hydrating Mist (2 oz/ $13.50) – FULL SIZE! – FULL SIZE products make me happy! This is a very light and refreshing mist. My face felt a little smoother after spraying it on… dunno if that’s a psychological thing….
  • stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick (.03 oz / $6.60) – The color is too bright for me… so I’ll most likely gift it or add it into a future giveaway (we’ll definitely be having one soon :D)
  • whish Exfoliating Body Wash (0.75 oz/ $2.75) – I used this last night … it smells good, has fine beads… my only complaint is that it’s a bit runny, so I feel like you might end up losing a lot of the wash.
  • whish Deodorant Swipes (1 wipe/ $0.53) Interesting concept… This would be perfect to keep in my bag in case I ever forget deodorant O_O hahaha

And as for new music, Lily & Madeleine are coming out with an album in October! Charkie first introduced me to them and I LOVE THEM. Here ya go… a preview for their new album!

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Today, I remind you about the Giveaway!

Hello! 🙂 Happy Friday! This is just a reminder that our giveaway ends this Sunday evening (July 21 @ 11:59 PM)… so you still have time – ENTER JULY GIVEAWAY. If you’ve already entered, there are a couple of tasks (such as tweeting) that you can do more than once. Good luck!!!! 😀

Grand prize!

Grand prize!

Here’s a song from one of my favorite dramas (Bu Bu Jing Xin). Well I was gonna share Rebecca Black’s Friday, but I decided against it 😛 Posting this song for no reason… Just in such a mood. Love the drama… waiting for mah fourth prince 🙂 lolololol

刘诗诗 – 等你的季节

The Seasons of Waiting for You

Today, I go on a Sentimental Journey …

I’m taking one emotional trip into the past! Before I take y’all there, let me say that I finally decided to be smart and bring my breakfast to work!

Guide to Starting the Day Right as a young busy professional (and really any age!)
Portion your oatmeal into zip-loc bags! Bring a small cup of milk and a bear of honey and heat up at work! Also, hard boiled eggs are easy to make and bring! String cheese! Fruits! story: I forgot that I left my eggs on the stove last night… on high heat… for about 45 minutes. Uh-oh. But they tasted just fine. If that ever happens to you, well, now you know 🙂

Sentimental Journey
emmy-rossum-sentimental-journey-album-releaseYesterday, January 29, marked the day that Emmy Rossum came out with her new album: Sentimental Journey. I cannot wait for her CD to arrive in the mail 🙂 You might know Emmy from Phantom of the Opera, from her album Inside Out, or from the Showtime series Shameless. You probably saw her in Poseidon. And a few of you (this could possibly include me, 😛 can I not answer?) probably know her as Bulma from Dragonball Evolution. Anyways, all that aside, she was formally trained as an opera singer and I love her! Honestly, there is love there that resides in my heart for her. I was a bit disappointed with her last album, though I did enjoy “Slow Me Down”, “High”, “Lullaby” and her cover of “Rainy days and Mondays” (The Carpenters). In this album, she brings her lovely voice to cover a collection of 20 century classics (a span of 40 years, from 1920s -1960s). She also has turned this album into a “musical calendar,” taking us both literally and emotionally through the months of each year. Ooooh, one more concept, she’s created a couple of “vignettes” (fancy right? we’re not talking about plain music videos here :P) for the songs… She is gorgeous in all of them! I’m currently in love with her rendering of “These Foolish Things”… which has been sung before by numerous lovely folks, from Billie Holiday to Frank Sinatra to Rod Stewart to Michael Bublé. Go YouTube the full album version (and support her and buy her CD on iTunes or she has a Fan Edition which comes with a CD, a calendar, and instant download of one of the songs)!!! Listen to the vignette below! It is currently playing through my headphones and has transported me from the walls of this nude-colored textile cubicle to a dimly lit lounge somewhere far away in a distant time…

These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You)
LFM WONGA quick Wikipedia (click to see what I see!) search reveals that it is a tune with words by Eric Maschwitz and music by Jack Strachey. What caught my eye on that page is that Maschwitz, an English man, apparently penned these lyrics to express the longing he felt for the Chinese-American actress, Anna May Wong, who he was romantically linked with, after his returned to England. Some of you may be familiar with her. If you’re not, she was the first Chinese-American movie star. If you have some free time, read up about her life. Seeing her name reminded me of a documentary regarding many Chinese-American movie stars back in the days. I can’t remember where I saw this documentary but I do remember that while many of the actresses were able to achieve some sort of fame/recognition, they almost all dealt with disappointments. For instance, instead of being offered the lead role for the film “The Good Earth”, Anna May Won was offered the role of a song girl that seduces the family’s son and assists in destroying the family. She turned down that role as all the other actors set to be in that film were of European descent portraying Chinese characters. Why give her the “unsympathetic role” (in her own words)? Many roles available for Chinese-American actresses at the time in Hollywood (and even if you look at what we have now…) emphasized Chinese stereotypes. In fact, that is where the term Dragon Lady– a sterotype of East Asian women being deceitful and mysterious– comes from. Well, Anna May Wong has left quite a legacy, I think China has forgotten her but people will still remember her, I hope… and I shall think a bit about it all. Phew. I just realized this post is getting to be more than a mere “Today, I…” post… so I’ll just end on this part. Maybe this thought will come back to me.

Time to enjoy the tunes:

Today, I receive another gift…

From me! 🙂 I have been in love with S.H.E since they started (when I was still in my pre-teen years). Usually, I will listen to their songs right as they come out, however this time, I only listened to one. I feel in love with that song and decided to order the album through Yesasia. Twas perfect! My album came and it is lovely. I’m still listening to the CD right now..

CD + DVD (6  music videos for songs from the last album – SHERO) + postcards (cute!) + Pack of Sunflower seeds (am I suppose to eat these or plant them? Now I wish I had ordered the version with the exclusive flowerpot !) + 50% discount to Daphne (I actually own a purse from this store… it’s like an Aldo or Nine West, but cuter)

LOVE LOVE LOVE 🙂 🙂 Selina. Hebe. Ella. S.H.E has returned! Reviews to come maybe later? 🙂 If I remember! Until then~~