Today, I strive towards a more beautiful mind…

Tous Les Jours, Centreville location

Tous Les Jours, Centreville location

Nomnomnom! Look at those yummy pastries! I had planned for a low-key weekend, however, I ended up accomplishing quite a list of activities that were never originally on my to-do list. These include enjoying churros from a Tex-mex establishment, being introduced to psychedelic rock (with eastern influences) by a local band called Iritis, renting my very first Zipcar, relaxing at Spa World, enjoying a Green Tea Smoothie and some pastries from Tous Les Jours bakery, feasting on about half a dozen of crabs, buying and cooking food of my motherland, and studying for a math exam I have later tonight.

I’m sad that the weekend has ended, but I suppose there are more weekends yet to come! As I am still in that in-between period of not knowing what my next steps will be, I have decided to create a TO-DO LIST, as this will probably be one of those few brief periods of time until I retire that I have time/space/energy to do what I want to do. My #nofilter list (rough draft) –

  • Job search – when I haven’t got a family to think about, maybe this is the best time for me to pack up my bags and move cross country or cross country borders!
  • Learn a computer programming language (any suggestions?)
  • Create my own website (teehee, this is something in the workings, you shall see soon)
  • Work on my novel / create a small small book of short stories (Coming soon, as in maybe a decade)
  • Find an activity that will help my heart health – Daily, I’m seeing patients come in with an extensive list of medical conditions… prevention is what it’s all about now. Hiking? Dancing?
  • Smile more. Laugh more. Don’t let negative thoughts come in as much.
  • Have a more beautiful mind.

What’s on your to-do list?

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Today, I think of “Tous Les Jours”…

photo (26)

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KENTUCKY DERBY!!!! 🙂 If you do not have a TV, stream live here. Starting soon. Playing of my Old Kentucky home!

So much to say in so little time. First up, my product of the day… I am in love with ALTERNA now. Today’s review? Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil. Makes the hair so smooth!  Next up, if you’re looking to score some samples, I stumbled across this today – TATCHA skin care promotion. Unfortunately this was posted 2 weeks ago, so TATCHA probably caught on to the fact that too many people were ordering 13 different samples for only $5.95. You can only have one sample order in your cart at any given point in time. However, the deluxe samples are pretty large and you would get that + 3 samples (foil packets), so still a good deal. Go check it out.

Last night, I met up with some friends and had dinner at Oyamel. So so so delicious!

photo 1 (9)

Chips and Salsa – first one free

photo 2 (9)photo 2 (8)

  • LEFT: weird hanging creatures. cool.
  • RIGHT: guac made right in front of you. nomnomnom.

photo 5 (7) photo 4 (10)

  • (LEFT) Special: Meatballs, Salsa Verde, Black Beans, Fried Egg, Cheese
  • (RIGHT) Pork Belly Taco – w/ a slice of pineapple – delish!

Everything was lovely! This morning, I decided to finally use of my groupons for Spa World… So relaxing… a shower, a massage in the bade pool, a steam sauna, poultice rooms to sweat out all my toxins (lol some of the descriptions… save my arteries, etc), an ice room, a 3-minute workout in the fitness center (and then I figured I’d rather sleep than bike), a shiatsu massage (the masseuse walked on me, at first I thought it was her elbows), a lovely rice cake/dumpling soup… 🙂 And some reading…

photo 2 (7)

Two of the poultice rooms (dry sauna)… Sleep/lounge area.

photo 4 (9) photo 1 (8)

  • LEFT: Rice Cake/Dumpling Soup with assortment of cold side dishes
  • RIGHT: Entrance to sauna 🙂

Tous Les Jours‘s Centreville, VA (right next door to the spa) location grand opening happened yesterday! I would have never known had I not stopped by Spa World. So happy… I love asian bakeries.

photo 1 (7) photo 5 (6) photo 5 (5)

H Mart Splurge! 🙂