Booktalk #2: Rereading an Old Favorite

As a book lover, I’m ashamed to admit that I rarely REread books, even my favorites. This extends to movies and TV shows, too, no matter how much I love them. There are just too many books and too little time to backtrack!

I’ve made an exception for Lois Lowry’s The Giver, though, a book that shocked my elementary-school-self the first time I read it more than ten years ago. I remember the school librarian giving it to me, warning me that I was a bit young for its utopian/dystopian themes  (not in so many words), but of course it hardly gave me pause.

That initial reading made such an impression on me, that I forgot until writing this entry that my 7th grade English class also studied the book. The first time, I felt it; the second time, I understood it. This time, I’m enjoying it.

I won’t give anything away about the plot — of course, I’d like you all to READ IT!!  Although some of the story’s details are a bit hazy, and the writing is more simplistic than I remember, it’s remarkable how much of it has remained with me after all these years, like memories buried just under the surface of my consciousness. It’s a book that just keeps on giving*.

*Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.