Today, I bring you my ZARA finds and happy panda umbrella (strange instructions!)…

Sales are the best. They are my best friend. Do I mind that I’m a bit “behind” with the seasons? Nope. Not really. Today’s topic: ZARA. I first found out about ZARA (along with MANGO and UNIQLO) while I was studying/living in Udaipur & Beijing. Haha. In fact, my first Zara item was purchased in Udaipur… from a man who brought western brand  clothing and accessories from Mumbai (???) to Udaipur and sold it at a ridiculously cheap price in a shop somewhere I can’t remember. One of my the many ways Western culture crept into India’s way of life… at least for some.

I had to get my car fixed this past weekend. That process took about 5-6 hours. “Unluckily” ( 😛 ) for me, there was a mall across the street. What a bummer, guess I just had to spend that much time in the mall 😛 My eyes were drawn to ZARA’s Spring-Summer Sale. Of course. Regarding some of their clothing… I just have the following thoughts: What? What? Why? How? Why? But there are many items that I just love and so I stocked up on some nice finds. Take a look… we’ll call this business chic 🙂 It’s what I’m wearing to work. Whoot whoot! HAHA… for you young (physically and/or young at heart) folks out there 🙂

The Finds

photo 1 (22)

I was very excited when I spotted this EVERYDAY SHOPPER handbag in the sale section! It’s not leather (sad… but tis okay… I’m too clumsy for fancy leather bags right now)… Pros: It’s pretty spacious and can fit an iPad (as long as you have a cover). It’s very simple but sophisticated. I was looking for something that I could hold, but also swing on my shoulder if I got tired of holding it so this was the perfect find! Disadvantage? Besides the zipper that’s on the front (see photo above), there are no other zippers! Not even the little pouch on the inside. I don’t really mind, because at work, I don’t need to worry about having a bag that zips… but as long as you’re not in a crowded place where you have to worry about people reaching into your bag, this is good! 🙂

photo 2 (24)

ZARA flats from Udaipur … I honestly have no clue what they’re called but I like them 🙂 The polka dotted blouse was part of the Zara sale section. They nice to wear over leggings if you’re looking for a casual look around the house. At work, I tuck it in under a nice pencil-ish skirt or business-esque pants.


I also got this comfy sweater to wear at home: Basic Knit Sweater yipee!

Extra find – my roomie just got back from San Fran and look what she got me! She knows my fascination for pandas… and I’m always losing umbrellas so this was perfect! Please do not ask me why there is a serving suggestion on my umbrella. Why do I need to add “hot watter” and why must I bring it to a boil and simmer? What am I consuming??!! 🙂

photo 1   photo 2

The Look

photo 3 (23)

Items – A day in the life of Jarkie’s work fashion lololol

1. Handbag: Everyday Shopper (Black), $29.99   2. Polka dotted printed blouse (Red/Coral), $35.99    3. EXPRESS skirt    4. Zara Trafaluc flats   5. Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy(1.7 oz), $70.00   6. Juicy Couture Starter Charm Link Bracelet (gold tone), $48.00 

At a first glance, those items might look pricey… but ain’t nobody got that kinda money (at least not us young ones just outta college trying to save up for more school!)… look for outlets in your area! Since I’m a AAA (triple A) member, I was able to get a VIP coupon book at the particular outlet I went to. Helped me save a tone of some of the Juicy items 🙂

What are your favorite finds? Are there any sales going on that you’re crazy about? Please do share!

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Today (or rather yesterday), I received gifts from me!

So here it goes. First off, my Jewelmint Mystery box. If you haven’t heard of JewelMint ( before, well don’t be shocked. I’m still a bit confused, but I do get really nice jewelry! This is the second mystery box I’ve purchased and I’ve always liked at least 2/3 of the items they send me. And I figured for that 1/3 or 1/4 thing that I don’t like, why don’t I gift it? It’s not that’s it’s terrible, it’s just not my personal style. Here we go!

JewelMint Black Friday Mystery Box!

JewelMint Black Friday Mystery Box!

Ta Da! So this time, I received 2 necklaces (one lovely sea-themed necklace, I love the way the anchor is attached, and another one that would be lovely minus the two pointing spears that jut out), three bracelets (that can be worn all at once, but I think are just as elegant worn individually), and really nice earrings (I love the colors, they’re fun!). So I am a happy Jarkie today. So happy that those three bracelets are already on my wrist as I type this 🙂

December Birchbox!

December Birchbox!

Ta Da! My November birchbox ( was a bit disappointing as I had received mascara and hairspray (both I could care less for). The December box has definitely redeemed Birchbox’s name in my eyes. First off, before we begin, for the Lifestyle extra, they gave me Dark Chocolate Peppermint Holiday Fortune Cookie (Emily’s Chocolates; “filled with festive messages, these treats have surpassed ginger snap cookies as a favorite holiday goodie”). I love fortune cookies. I love Peppermint. And Dark Chocolate, well I’ll have to keep an open mind.

  1. Juice Beauty – Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream – I think CC is a spin off of BB. It takes it to the next level (apparently) as Color Control Cream! They should just called it CCC (which mind you is a hospital building at Georgetown University).  It is suppose to improve my skin tone with its vitamin C and grape-derived resveratrol. Hmmm, well they know how to get me. Skin care products/creams = Jarkie’s Achilles Heel
  2. Kerastase – Resistance Ciment Thermique I got two travel size pouches of this heat-activated leave-in conditioner that is suppose to protect my hair before I “bust out” the hot tools. I guess that’s useful if I ever decide to use a curling iron 🙂
  3. Nicole Richie Fragrances – Nicole by Nicole Richie – “creamy amber and rose touched with a hint of vanilla” – I am wearing this today, only one spritz and boy is it strong and creamy indeed. A bit too strong for me. I might faint.
  4. theBalm cosmetics – Mary-Lou Manizer – it’s in the cute box (bottom left) and can be used as a highlighter, shadow, all-over shimmer. Now this one is useful! 🙂 Indeed! I will sparkle and shimmer! HAHA

I am quite excited to try out these products!

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