Today, I am going back in time and forward in my mind

Last night, Hope for Haiti had a concert event and my mom and I were volunteering at the info table. It was an interesting experience. For one thing, we got there at 5:30 to set up and didn’t break down until 11:30…so we were out a long time. And this was at a sports bar so people were drinking and being merry and we just observed. People are so fascinating in social situations and it can be so easy to get caught up in watching and miss out on participating. My social skills were exercised a little bit and I met this cool guy who is a chiropractor that works with Olympic athletes and we had a great convo about non profits and aid and all that jazz and I hope it’ll be fruitful in the time to come. At the end of the day, I reminded myself that I am not totally incapable of speaking to other humans in a way that is intelligible and interesting. Win for me.

We got home late last night and today my dad and I spent some time vegging (sp?). We watched a football match and the Thomas Crowne Affair featuring an always dapper Pierce Brosnan. Just chillin with my dad reminded me of the old days when my sis and I were kids and my mom worked on weekends and we would all just hang out and watch movies and ride bikes and stuff. My dad and I are similar in that we will watch almost any movie multiple times. At least I know I get it from somewhere! The weather outside was a balmy 77 degrees so we decided to stop being lazy around 1:30 and go to the driving range. My elbow hurts and I’ll probably be sore tomorrow but at least I made some good contact and it was nice to get some vitamin D to fight the fatigue!

My trip down memory lane continued when my dad stopped the radio on a Cyndi Lauper song and started singing to it. Sometimes I forget that he was an entire person before his family happened and he watched movies like Beverly Hills Cop (he’s obsessed) and knew all the lyrics to Purple Rain (he was genuinely offended when he found out this fall that I’d never heard it before). Also, we were driving behind this car that he owned in the early 90s…frankly, it should have never entered this millennium.

Anyway, my day was spent in the hazy in-between of nostalgia and real life and was overall one of the most pleasant and low stress I’ve had in a while. It was a complete day, nothing felt rushed or wasted. It’s amazing how much I can search for peace but it just decides to consume me when I’m not looking.

The usual: Chelsea plays tomorrow and this past week one of my many loves finally scored a goal, an important one to continue on in a tournament. Real played today and thankfully managed a 5-2 victory and players broke records and stuff. I speak vaguely because I am the only one who cares for the details…a little too much, perhaps. Duke lost to MD, which is even more frustrating than the norm because my dad is an MD alum and my mom cheers them on too. 😣

I’m really looking forward to summer and all the wonder that comes with warmth.

Now that things are feeling all peachy, I’m gonna get back to doing stuff I want to do like reading–I really wanna get my hands on Les Miserables but I have so many unfinished ones here…what to do?? And I also need to get back on the ball with my German and Portuguese. I moved my German book from my room to the living room where I keep my computer just to remind myself to do it.

(Char, I feel like I’m channeling one of our favorite JMs with my update on sports and recommendations and stuff. Maybe I’ll take his formatting…it works!)

Finally, I am obsessed with some new (to me) songs right now, one if which is called All I Want by Kodaline.