Today, I think I discovered healthy chocolate. Is that possible?


While I was at CVS today, I made a new discovery while I was walking by the gourmet chocolates.


 Gluten free, artificial sugar free, trans fat free, 45% cocoa dark chocolate? Now, one would think that with stats like those, this would not taste good. I tried it, though, and I actually think it tastes better than most other chocolate. Seems like it could be a healthy way to satisfy a chocolate craving, sweet tooth friends!

Here‘s an article from WebMD about the health benefits of dark chocolate, by the way, since I’m a bit obsessed with researching health.

Today, I’m thankful for random things.

Among those, I had the most delicious apple strudel tonight, and it was from a little bakery stand in the mall next to my apartment.  This could be dangerous.  I’ve always been a chocolate-dessert person, but I’ve realized that there are some exceptions.

It’s been a while since I’ve listened to music while I study, but tonight called for it, and I had a stellar playlist, courtesy of iTunes Genius (protip: started with Graham Colton’s “Pacific Coast Eyes“).

My chemistry calculation book alternates between phrasing problems as questions, ending with “?”, and imperatives, ending with “!”.  Now that I’ve noticed, I don’t like its tone!