Today, I am thinking about “the one”…

Charkie shared this article from A Cup of Jo about Parenting in India with me. It was obvious that I would love this article due to the my love & admiration for India. What caught my eye in the article is that the photographer and writer Danielle met her husband when they were both working for a non-profit in Washington, D.C. They had only been dating for a year when he got into the Foreign Service, had to leave the country, and decided to get married. What a story, right?! It’s also motivated me to add to our Love/Relationship series here at Todaycommai.

My eyes lit up when I noticed that Danielle met her husband in Washington, D.C., where I am currently working. It’s always so interesting to consider where you might meet “the one” or “not-the-one.” I am in DC! Where is the man who will take me to India hiding? Haha, just kidding!! 😛 I have never dated in the “real world.” My previous relationships have either been on campus in undergrad or short-lived (2 days? 3 days?) romances in middle school. 😛 I wonder what this next year will bring me. I’m not even sure if I want to date. But it’s just an interesting thought, and I have an embarrassing confession to make. I think about “the one” a lot. For instance, if I’m sitting on the metro and a young man sits next to me, a thought crosses my mind: “What if he is my soul-mate and I just missed him like that? Will our lives ever cross paths again?”

Um… looks like I’ve been watching too many Asian Dramas and Bollywood films. LOL. Yeah, sometimes, my mind is weird. But aren’t we all a little crazy?  If I were to date, where would I meet people? In a bar? At a Yelp event? At work? None of these options seem likely. Cafe? Coffee shop? Grocery Store? Gas station (pretend I don’t know how to pump gas? Hahaha)? And what about online dating options? I’m sure it’ll come naturally and when I’m least expecting it… so I’m very excited for it all. Okay, back to my life I go… will be back with more to the series.

Where do you meet people? Would you consider online dating? (OK Cupid, How about we…,, etc)? Do you believe in meeting “the one” or finding your “soulmate”? Would love to hear your thoughts 🙂

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Today, I bring you breathtaking view that President Abe Lincoln sees…

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Now I promised you the breathtaking view that President Abe sees every night… so here it is ~


I mentioned that I took a trip to see the memorials/monuments of Washington, DC after my dining experience at Jaleo DC in my previous post.  I have visited the city landmarks multiple times during family vacations as a kid. However, I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of these places at night. What a difference it makes! And how lovely it is! I also didn’t realize that so many people come out at night to see these famous memorials/monuments. Enjoy ~

We started out at the US National World War II Memorial. This is one of my favorite ones to visit with the 56 pillars surrounding the plaza and fountain.  This is also a great place to view the Washington Monument

From the World War II Memorial plaza, you can see the Lincoln Memorial from afar. When you’re actually standing there, the memorial seems like a short walk, but it’s actually quite far (well, I guess it’s not that far… hehe).

After a quick-ish walk, we have arrived at the front of the memorial. We spy Abe.

Whew! What a climb… let’s take a break and look up at the aesthetics of it all!

And there he sits as he gazes out at the lovely city of Washington, DC.


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Today, I am thinking of Tapas! (Jaleo DC – photos)

photo (1)Some of my favorite restaurants in DC are owned by the chef José Andrés. On Wednesday evening, a friend of mine from out of town came to visit and I took her and a group of friends to Jaleo DC. I loved our table! The glass table sat on top of a Foosball Table (it’s been so long since I’ve played with these!). I helped my team score a goal on this evening! Go me! Photos speak louder and convey more emotion than words, so it’s mostly just going to be lovely photos. We then went to see a few of the DC monuments/memorials (lovely view at night)… but I’ll present those to y’alls in a separate post. Here’s the food! Enjoy~


First up came the Mejillones Vinagreta (mussels served with pipirrana, sherry dressing and honey). These were served cold on a platter of ice. The scallions, tomatoes, vinegrette was so delightful to eat.
Jarkie’s Rating: 9/10

photo 1

Next came the Croquetas De Pollo (traditional chicken fritters) which was DELICIOUS! Anything fried is yummy in my opinion. And it was so incredibly cheesy & savory… it all just melts in your mouth.
Jarkie’s Rating: 8.5/10

photo 2 photo 3

I’m not a fan of octopus–well, this was my first time trying it–so this next dish was not my favorite one. Pulpo A La Gallega Maestro Alfonso (boiled octopus with pee wee potatoes, pimentón and olive oil) – I spied some light paprika sprinkled on top … but other than that, there wasn’t much flavor. I was not a fan of the texture of the octopus. The thing that saved the dish for me? The potatoes. You can’t go wrong with potatoes.
Jarkie’s Rating: 4.5/10


Another type of chicken this came along… this time, grilled to perfection. Pollo Al Ajillo Con Salsa Verde (grilled marinated chicken served with parsley purée and garlic sauce).
Jarkie’s Rating: 6.5/10

photo 2 (1)

We proceeded to eat the Rossejat (traditional paella‘ of fried pasta with shrimp and calamari) which my lovely company told me tasted like a popular Malaysian snack. Very good. Granted, there could have been some more shrimp and calamari.
Jarkie’s Rating7/10

photo 4 (1)

One of the highlights of the dinner was the Costillas De Cerdo Ibérico De Bellota (grilled pork ribs from the legendary acorn-fed, black-footed pigs of spain) that serves about 2-6. Whatever marinade they use is so very tasty. The ribs were tender and juicy. I wish I could have had more! Comes with rosemary (for decorational purposes?) and salt.
Jarkie’s Rating: 9/10

photo 3 (1)

There were two other dishes that we tried that are not pictured above. The Ensalada Campera (salad of conserved tuna, fingerling potatoes, green beans, tomatoes and hard boiled eggs) and the Pan De Cristal Con Tomate (toasted slices of uniquely crispy and ethereal bread brushed with fresh tomato).

I ended the night with their signature red sangria by the glass. It was a bit too watered down… but for my personal taste, it was perfect!
Jarkie’s Rating: 6.5/10

photo 5 (1)

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I am SO SO SO SO EXCITED. I just bought TICKETS FOR MY FIRST EVER CHELSEA GAME. Oh my, I could faint. To add to that excitement, JARKIE IS COMING WITH ME! I should have asked her before I even bought them instead of assuming that she wouldn’t want to go but she managed to get a ticket right behind us so I’m sure we’ll work it out! O H E M G E E. I get to cross something off my bucket list.


Today, I’m thinking about cultivating my garden… [How do you Network?]

This past weekend, Arkie and I attended a tour of the National Museum of Women in the Arts and a “How to Cultivate and Utilize a Network” lunch. Judy Touchton, an executive coach and founder/CEO of WOMENLEADERSMOVE, brought her daughter to the lunch and came to discuss ways to create a helpful network and how to develop that network into a powerful too for achieving business and personal goals. And as I’ve made the transition from undergrad to these years which I’ll call gap years and onto whatever the future brings, I have realized that it’s so easy to just get … for lack of a better word… lazy. It was a wonderful decision for me to attend this lecture (and to force Arkie to come with me :P)! So some interesting things to note:

  • Start with looking are yourSELF! Recognize your strengths (if you’re good at something, accept that you ARE GOOD at them… don’t wave them off as the task was easy), recognize your personal style
  • Cultivate your network – Think of it as cultivating a garden… you need to put time, energy, effort in maintaining the network just as you would with maintaining a garden
  • Be strategic! – Think of it as writing a paper. It requires initiative
  • Identify someone in your school/work/public eye/media that you want to be… see how they got to where they are. What organizations, boards did they join? etc.
  • For women: be aware of saying “sorry”… we sometimes apologize for things we simply don’t need to apologize for. I’ve noticed that I do this… As a way of saying “excuse me”… I’ll watch out for this!

Do you have any of your own experiences you’d like to share? How do you cultivate YOUR network? Is there anything above that you disagree with? Do you like the National Museum of Women in the Arts? I’d love to hear from you 🙂

It was a good experience, a good lunch, a good tour… Arkie and I stopped by the McDonald’s in the National Air & Space Museum afterwards… and checked our the early flight exhibit …. what a way to spend a Saturday morning/afternoon 🙂

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Today, we reunited!

And, oh, it was grand.

I sheepishly admit that I’m actually tearing up a tiny bit as I write this post. It seems silly but seeing you all tonight reminded me of the silly 18-year olds we were when we first met and the (comparatively) grown up 23-year olds we now are. I know saying that will make those of you who have conquered 23 and moved on to better, brighter ages laugh, but hey, these past five years have been filled with challenges, growth, friendship, and many, many good memories.Image

We reunited at La Tasca Restaurant in Washington DC for tapas and drinks. I’m curious to see what the other ladies will say about it; I really enjoyed it. We got there pretty early in the evening but the upstairs area was already filled! No worries, though, because the nicely lit lower floor had our number, and the festivities began.

The tapas we ordered (mine included patatas bravas and a fried eggplant dish) were delicious, but I think the blackberry mango sangria was the biggest hit of the night. Our waiter was a nice British man who, upon watching our hilarious attempts at taking a photo of the four of us, offered to take one for us – nice of him considering that the place was packed and the waitstaff seemed busy, busy, busy the whole night. Anyway, I liked the vibe a lot, and I would recommend it to friends who want to meet up in a lively place in DC.


Charkie, you were missed! xoxo

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