Today is representative of this week.

Today was a pretty productive Saturday: I finished some embryo notes and cut my nails. Please tell me I’m not the only one who finds it hard to take time out of the day to trim long nails, and then feels overwhelmingly accomplished when I do?

All of this happened at home, in my pajamas. Sometimes, it feels like my little aloe vera plant is the main slice of the outdoors in my life these days.

Some highlights from the week:

*One of my books has some notes in the margin from my mom, which I loved seeing. I should really reevaluate my policy of never writing in books because someday, the next owner might appreciate my marginalia, if only as a diversion from the main text.

*I picked up my index book from the secretariat on Friday. The contents of this little black book could become the bane of my existence over the next few years. Oh, grades.

*On Wednesday, B and I were working in a café, and met the most encouraging 4th year student ever!  I think of him as St. Stefan. He was so insightful and friendly and happy at a time when we can use all the positivity we can get to motivate us through finals.  The future usually freaks me out, and at the same time, I wonder whether I’m delusional for being so happy in the present. He eased both those worries. Bring it on!

*The last week of the first semester is upon us. As always, time flies in mysterious ways.

Today, I’m savoring freedom!

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Well, it’s the last weekend before I jump into the fray of med school on Monday!

On Friday, the International Student Association hosted its Freshmen Day, where the highlight was the opportunity to buy textbooks secondhand from other students.  I got a great haul (thanks to Tonjia “watch out” Cheek for carrying them), though it’s still not all the books I’ll need this year!

There were also lots of freebies, and I now have a poster of a skull hanging as art/inspiration in the living room.