Today, I finished crocheting my first hat!


YAYYY! Thanks to an awesome YouTube tutorial, my noggin will be kept warm this winter! Now I’m gonna start making a whole buncha stuff!

It took me roughly two days…I could’ve done it in one if I was very diligent about it. So that makes crocheting soooo much faster than knitting (at least for this hat).

What shall I make next? An infinity scarf? What color yarn should I use? The possibilities are endless!!!


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Today, Jarkie is back from YELP Art Camp! :-)

Hello lovely friends! Before I gush about my Art Camp experience, let me remind you of our SomethingNavy Dress and Jewelmint Giveaway! Click the link or on the picture below to enter 🙂

Yesterday, I attended Yelp Goes to Summer Camp – Silver Spring, MD with a friend, and I had so much fun! There was Screen Printing, Paper Making (however I missed this), Book Making (such a cute little book that I made! Maybe I’ll make it a tiny date book). In addition, we got to check out Pyramid Atlantic Art Center’s gallery and rooftop. On top of that… there were tasty kid-friendly mojitos (SO YUMMY and since I was DD, it was perfect!), smores (we roasted these ourselves… my marshmallow burned a couple of times), gelato and ice cream. So great! Loved every bit of it!

This brings me to the next part. I posted about a $25 gift card that I won (a while ago) … and I finally found a way to spend it! I’m currently applying for schools (AHHHHH) and I hope to be done with those in this very week! Also summer is coming to an end… and so I wanted to begin my next project! I’m going to start drawing/painting (easiest to do/portability/etc) again! 🙂 I’m so excited! Check out my photos from the art camp and check out the art supplies (SO EXCITED ABOUT MY EASEL BOX OF SUPPLIES) I’ve purchased to get started. What project do you have going on lately? What project will you be starting?

And for those of you interested, here’s a list of the supplies I purchased from Amazon… in case you want them, too! 🙂

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Today, I revisit the Städel Museum

Today, I was supposed to head downtown after work to meet Gail in the Schirn Museum for modern and contemporary art, but she texted me as I was waiting at the bus stop that it wouldn’t be worth the visit. She’d spent part of the afternoon there and was not so impressed with the exhibits, so we decided to meet at home instead.

It would have been hard to top last week’s trip to the Städel Museum, anyways. I’ve been meaning to tell you about it!
We had made the same arrangement to meet there, since they are open late, until 9pm, on Wednesdays. By the time I arrived, I had less than 4 hours to view the three-floor collection! The Städel’s architectural layout is artistic in and of itself: the top floor, which houses early European works, has cobblestone floors and burgundy walls; the middle floor displaying 19th and 20th century art has a standard museum feel; and the bottom floor with contemporary art has a decidedly modern, minimalist aesthetic.

There was a lot to see, and I definitely didn’t do it all justice! Aside from the permanent collection, I was glad to catch the special exhibit “When bodies became art” by the avante-garde artist Piero Manzoni (see photo below). Here are just a few things that caught my eye:

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Today, an ode to Histology

I didn’t really like you at first – you were kind of demanding, what with the 6:30 am wake-ups to make it to class on time and the awkward steps to the microscope lab. You didn’t listen to me when I said I am not artistic and I can’t sketch what I see in my lab notebook. I guess that was your way of pushing me to be better because now my notebook is full of drawings, some of which even bare a slight resemblance to the specimens.  I’ve also gotten better at focusing on your slides, though sometimes you’ll test my patience.

You are holding your own in comparison to gross anatomy! In fact, you can be really beautiful, even artistic, on your cellular scale.

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May your gods look favorably upon me tomorrow for our first Histology midterm!