Today, I share Megan’s photos!

Megan captured some beautiful photos of Budapest and our non-costumed Halloween weekend together in her latest blog post. 🙂 I was WOWed — the riverbanks have never looked more lovely.

Gotta run, anatomy midterm tomorrow. Second year continues to be a nonstop funfest.

Today, I learned how to stop hiccups.

We had an anatomy lecture on the vagus, accessory, and hypoglossal nerves today (CN X, XI, XII). One of the only things that I remember from it is this trick to stop hiccups:

Press down very hard right behind your ears.

Hiccups can be cured by stimulating the vagus nerve, and there is a branch of it that runs behind there. In fact, there’s a whole bunch of information on vagal hiccup remedies.  Let me know if this particular one works for you!


Today (or yesterday), I begin mini-medical school!

I learned all about the female pelvis last night. EXCITING STUFF, right?! I was filled with excitement at the thought of going to class. Those first class nerves and anxiety appeared. What if I get lost trying to find the classroom? (Let me remind you that it’s just downstairs from where I work.) Luckily, a co-worker and I are attending the class together and so I did not get lost. +1!

Light refreshments and drinks were provided and then we began the first lecture: ANATOMY. The takeaway from the night is that there are so many things that could go wrong with pregnancy. I’m a bit worried. And I started seeing random structures everywhere. Doesn’t this look like an evil bat?


After lecture, we were taken to the anatomy lab for a hands-on experience. Despite my initial (a couple of seconds) disgust at the beef jerky’s and pork ribs on the table, I later found my curiosity and excitement to be able to explore the human body that I was the first one at the table for the gloves. And here I was… poking and prodding at everything (someone’s hip bone? someone’s armpit?), holding hearts and lungs and just engrossed in the aesthetics of the human body.

Have you ever worked with a cadaver? Have you been out of school for a long time? Do you yearn to take classes again? Or are you in school and yearn to be a free-spirited professional? 🙂 Happy hump day!

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Today, I pack away the anatomy books

I finished anatomy today, thank goodness! It was not my best performance, to put it mildly, but I’m glad that it’s behind me – I was going a bit stir crazy looking at my notes for the past five days. My examiner was non-threatening and quite friendly, though he was (justifiably) not satisfied with many of responses.  😦  I’m primarily relieved and secondarily disappointed.

This time, my topics were:

– Inferior Vena Cava: Path, Tributaries
– Joints & Skeleton of the Larynx
– Development of the Kidneys
– Liver (histology slide)

My mom was interested in what questions I got — though first, I had to convince her that I passed; Thanks for the vote of confidence, mom! 😛 As she put it, and B has often said, medical school exams are for assessing your knowledge so you can keep building upon it (Well, something to that effect …).  She told me to go over the topics again while they were fresh in my mind, and move on to the next exam, which is in a week! Onwards!

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