Today (or yesterday), I begin mini-medical school!

I learned all about the female pelvis last night. EXCITING STUFF, right?! I was filled with excitement at the thought of going to class. Those first class nerves and anxiety appeared. What if I get lost trying to find the classroom? (Let me remind you that it’s just downstairs from where I work.) Luckily, a co-worker and I are attending the class together and so I did not get lost. +1!

Light refreshments and drinks were provided and then we began the first lecture: ANATOMY. The takeaway from the night is that there are so many things that could go wrong with pregnancy. I’m a bit worried. And I started seeing random structures everywhere. Doesn’t this look like an evil bat?


After lecture, we were taken to the anatomy lab for a hands-on experience. Despite my initial (a couple of seconds) disgust at the beef jerky’s and pork ribs on the table, I later found my curiosity and excitement to be able to explore the human body that I was the first one at the table for the gloves. And here I was… poking and prodding at everything (someone’s hip bone? someone’s armpit?), holding hearts and lungs and just engrossed in the aesthetics of the human body.

Have you ever worked with a cadaver? Have you been out of school for a long time? Do you yearn to take classes again? Or are you in school and yearn to be a free-spirited professional? 🙂 Happy hump day!

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Peds snapshot

After our double whammy this week of Anatomy midterm and Physiology quiz, today is a day to slow down and catch up!

Yesterday, between the exams, we had our Introduction to Clinical Medicine class in the Pediatrics clinic. The doctors we met there were so enthusiastic and had a short but interesting list of patients and points to show us.

One patient has a rare developmental respiratory disease called Ondine’s curse, or, less interestingly, congenital central hypoventilation syndrome. I was also interested to hear about therapeutic hypothermia, in which a patient’s core temperature is lowered to 34°C as a neuroprotective measure.

Spotted: Outside the Pediatrics Department yesterday, a picturesque Fall scene

Spotted: Outside the Pediatrics Department yesterday, a picturesque Fall scene

Today, I Remember September

Arkie summed up the state of things well in her last post when she said that life is happening, and it’s all-consuming. September was a stressful month, mostly because school has been a barrage of things to memorize. I’m starting to feel like less of a crazed worrier and more like myself now that there’s a routine and I know what to expect from the classes.

I saw this graffiti over the summer, and it's still humorously resonating with me.

I saw this graffiti over the summer, and it’s still humorously resonating with me.

Poster child for healthy living ... Rina and I shared some potato chips, cookies, and caffeine drinks (sugar free!) while reviewing before class.

Poster child for healthy living …
Rina and I shared some potato chips, cookies, and caffeine drinks (sugar free!) while reviewing before class.

The Basic Science Building is a bright place to study if there's a free table and not too many around.

The Basic Science Building is a nice, bright place to study if there’s a free table and not too many people around.














The autumnal chill is in the air, and I can’t say I share Jarkie’s enthusiasm for the season (summer ftw!), but I will concede that it’s nice to bundle up at home with a warm beverage and books.

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”
-L.M. Montgomery

(Any other Anne of Green Gables fans among you? Top 5 childhood classic right there!)

Friday Night’s Alright (For Studying)

Week 2 of year 2 is done; it feels like I’m in the trenches of study war. There’s so much to keep track of, to read and memorize, that it’s hard to make time for other things, and impossible for me to do it without feeling guilty. I’ve got to improve my work-life balance skills.

On Thursday, we had our first 2 physiology quizzes of the semester. Those will be a weekly event to keep us on top of the material, but it also makes it hard to prioritize the other subjects — except when they have midterms! It’s enough to drive me cray cray, and did for a few days, but I’m resolved to remember that I’m doing what I want in a place that feels like home, and that happiness is not to be overlooked!

Today, I walked home with Bianca (who gives a much more thorough summary of our hectic days on her blog) from biochemistry lecture, and that was a welcome reminder that I’m not in the trenches alone.  Onwards!

Before that, though, I must wish an early and very happy birthday to our one and only Jarkie! 

That's us celebrating her birthday at Alivia's in Durham last year :)

That’s us celebrating her birthday at Alivia’s in Durham two years ago 🙂

Today, I’m ready to begin.

It feels like I just finished final exams, but my classmates and I are back at it again, this time as second-year students. The courses and expectations are less confusing, more demanding, and I am just as overwhelmed.

My plans to enjoy the last weekend of summer were interrupted by a sudden illness on Saturday night, and I spent a day in the hospital. Since I was on the upswing and school was starting, the doctors allowed me to leave on Sunday night, but I’ve been going back for IV antibiotics and checkups every day between classes. All of it has left me exhausted, and only today have I gotten all my syllabi, lectures, exam topic lists printed out and organized. Now, to open a textbook …

I’m a little worried about managing my time and juggling physiology, anatomy, and biochemistry this year.

The only way out is through; today, I’m finally feeling readier to go at it.

Coffee sleeve from Joe Van Gogh, my favorite café on campus.

Coffee sleeve courtesy of Joe Van Gogh, my favorite café  when the -arkies and I lived on campus.

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Today, I registered for mini-medical school!

I am so excited to report to y’alls that I will soon be a Doctor of Mini-Medicine! Wouldn’t it be cool if we could be doctors of mini-everything?! 😀 If you’re in the general DC area, you might be interested too!

Georgetown University Mini Medical School Information

I’ll definitely try to blog about the experience… this will be taking place from October through November.

You probably also noticed that it’s our ONE YEAR anniversary!!!!!  YAYAYAY! We are so excited. Stay tuned for exciting posts and giveaways and exciting celebrations!

As always,

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Today, I’m up in arms!

The case of a deaf medical student, first brought to my attention by this article, will hopefully bring some positive momentum to disability rights. Why medical school is set apart for people with physical disabilities as some unreachable career path continues to baffle me, challenge my convictions, and incite my otherwise docile inner activist.

We’ll see if the federal court will do anything to standardize the arbitrary interpretations of “reasonable accommodation” mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act.