Today, blue is the colour! (And happy belated Valentine’s Day!)

I couldn’t think of another title and I have the Chelsea song stuck in my head so…sorry I’m not sorry. 

Anyway, hello all! I hope you had a lovely Valentine’s day! Even though that’s far away now, I’ll write a little about mine. My sister and I were valentines and our day was filled with donuts, sunshine, the apple store (unpleasant detour), a trolley ride, almond champagne, comfort foods, and dancing. It was pretty great! I have never really paid any attention to V-day but, for some reason, this one felt heightened…like I had to acknowledge it somehow. Anyway, here are some pics from the day’s adventures. I don’t have any clubby clothes…should probably get on that…but probably won’t!

Image Image


Anyway, amidst all the general meh-ness of the past couple of weeks, little things keep on brightening my day! One of my fave TV shows has come back after a year so I’m excited to fall into that abyss again. I’ve been getting good feedback on some of my script coverage, which is always nice. I baked Chai Tea Shortbread Cookies today! They were yummy, lemme know if you want a recipe! And, last but definitely not least, the sun has been shining so that literally brightens my days. OH, also, a friend of my sister’s made me a hula hoop for my b-day (they’re really into hooping and very good at it! They even hoop with fire!) so I’ve been getting better. I hooped for a good 30 minutes today! I need to work on getting my hips moving more so the hoop can move faster…maybe I’ll channel some Shakira 😛

Have a good week, all, and if you have a sec, share with us your favorite Valentine’s day story from this year or years past (or the best alternative V-Day you’ve had!)

2 thoughts on “Today, blue is the colour! (And happy belated Valentine’s Day!)

  1. “coloUr” — HA. good one. sounds like a lovely V-day 🙂 30 minutes with a hula hoop?! colour me impressed! what does your personalized hoop look like?

  2. ALMOND CHAMPAGNE, DONUTS, what is this life that you lead that I am SO FAR AWAY FROM? That seems lovely! Hmmm such a good idea, maybe I’ll get a hula hoop! Is that a good workout?

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