Today, I am glad to live in California…

Sure, I wish that my family was here, my friends were here, that I had a paying job, my own place to live, that Juan Mata didn’t leave Chelsea for the worst team ever, that I could travel and travel and travel, and that life was generally a breeze BUT one thing I do not wish is that I didn’t live in California. Southern California. Where, no matter how crazy life gets or how stressful things seem, you can just go sit on the beach and watch the sunset (for free!) any day you want. That’s where I find my zen, if I may. At this moment, after getting off the phone with my Mom who is lamenting over the possibility of a massive snowstorm, I am glad that I live here. (And that I live here with my wonderful sister.)

A lot has happened, friends, since I posted last. 2014 began, I turned a year older (YIKES), I started an internship (I’m learning how to read again…SO MUCH READING), started hula hooping (OMG so hard), met new people, joined a leadership team, and so on and so forth. I have to write all of these things down or I won’t believe that it has been almost 4 months since I moved here or that 26 days have passed by in January. I also have to write them down or I won’t believe that I’ve been doing things since I moved here.

Time flies. And it’s so easy to dwell on what hasn’t happened than to reflect on what has. Yes, I yearn for all those wishes I posted at the top. And yes, it hurts a little bit when I think too much of them. But I’m here and need to be as present as I can because cool things are happening and will happen and I don’t want to miss them when they do. 

P.S. My mom lectured me on how important writing on this blog was. Well, that’s a bit dramatic. But she did say that I need to keep writing. So I’ll try, promise. 

Thanks for your patience and, as always, thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Today, I am glad to live in California…

  1. AHA! Leaving this on my phone. I’m still a good student , I promise! This was a wonderful post to read. It’s great to sometimes stop and reflect. Can wait to see you at the next hula hoop competition. You’ll prob win world championships!

  2. i’m glad you live in CA, too, so that I have an ‘in’ there 🙂
    boy, do i REALLY have that juan wish, too 😦 now what will you do? i think i may have to divide allegiances.
    your mom is right; thank her for the reminder!

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