Today, an update!

Hey all! So, as you could tell by the last post, I have moved out to LA! It doesn’t really feel like I’ve moved yet, actually. I’m not sure when the “I’m visiting” phase turns into the “I’m not leaving” phase but I hope to not notice it so as not to fall into a pit of nostalgia (which is bound to come anyway, as the holidays are approaching).

Ok, I digress. Back to the present. Yesterday was my first full day in this sunny paradise and it was a full day indeed.

My list of events included:
-Waking up way too early and milling around (while catching the Man U v Arsenal game on Telemundo! Thank goodness people out here watch as much football as I do)
-Church (the pastor of the church I went to in Oregon moved to LA and now I can go to his church, WOOT!)
-A hit and run (we got rear ended and then the guy  awkwardly circled around while we followed and then left!)

  • Saw a short films program and then a feature at night. BEST THING EVER. The Docs festival is coming this summer so I’m already getting ready for that. I also got to see some celebrities that probably only I recognized (no offense to them or anything…I just know way too much about way too much).
  • I highly recommend watching Noah (full version, nsfw) and Whale Valley (this was my FAVORITE and I wish it was a whole movie. Too bad I can only find the trailer…look for it!) The other films are called Social Butterfly, Safe, Carlota, The Roper, and Shadow of a Cloud. If you’re interested in knowing which ones I liked and didn’t like of those others, feel free to comment. The feature we saw was We Gotta Get Out Of This Place. Pretty dark, intense, just kinda crazy at some parts but overall well done. I did give it a 3 out of 5 but it’s more of a 3.5 or 3.75 😛 (And I should mention that we saw a beautifully shot short before the feature and it’s about horses and stuff. It’s called Wild Horses and watch the trailer.)

Ok, this post is getting long/turning into a film blog SO to quickly sum up the rest of the night, movie ends, get home and sprayed by the sprinklers, sister realizes that the thing I heard falling on the street was, in fact, her apartment key, we go back and search the streets for the key, don’t find the key, finally get home at 1am and I shower and pass out soon after. PHEW. Thankfully today was the EXACT opposite of that. I’ve occupied the same area all day while toiling away on my computer. Now, in an effort to procrastinate, I bring you this blog post. You’re welcome.

(thanks for reading! <3)


One thought on “Today, an update!

  1. Glad you got a day to recuperate from the move and the busy day. Woah, I just realized this time zone change is confuddling though … All that happened on your Sunday, but I was hearing about it on my Monday…
    AFI sounds great! Blog about films alllll you want; you’re in the movie capital of the world!!

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