Charkie put a ban on my use of all-caps for the application process (“all-caps should only be used to report acceptances”). Party Pooper. 😛 But I’m going to break this rule just for now. Somehow despite all my claims to be in love with Taylor Swift, I missed the fact that she co-wrote a song with Jack Antonoffguitarist from fun., for the British film One Chance! I believe it’s up on iTunes today. AHHHHHH *squeal*

Enjoy! I suppose I should get back to work now.

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5 thoughts on “Today, I am SQUEALING IN EXCITEMENT!

  1. EEEPPPPP!! This is majorly exciting news! Hehe I am an unabashed T-Swift fan as well so this totally makes my whole Monday – maybe even my whole week! Thanks for the head’s up, chica!

    • AHHH so excited that you’re just as big of a fan! So happy that I was able to share this news with you. The song grew on me after a couple of listens. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

  2. There was the boy who cried wolf, then there was the girl who used all caps. Both suffered the same fate 😛
    BUT happy news indeed! Good song!

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