Open Mind, Open Window

“When I was 19, I was a completely different person than I am now! I wanted to be a radiologist.”
– Surgeon on Grey’s Anatomy

I entered medical school with a directed idea of what patient group and illnesses I hope to work with, but I’ve always told myself to be receptive to the breadth of possibilities. Today, we had our Introduction to Clinical Medicine class in Neurology, and I was reminded to keep on exploring other branches! The neurologist who led the class brought in two patients and presented their symptoms, allowing a few students to perform parts of the neurological exam as well. What we’re learning is slowly coming together: the first patient had Parkison’s Disease, and we discussed dopamine synthesis (last semester’s biochem), muscle tone (last week’s physiology), and motor pathways (what we’re currently studying in anatomy). It’s a lot to integrate, but that’s what also makes it exciting.

Sometimes, glimpses of nature fill me with wonder. This flash of foliage outside did just that.

Flash of foliage by the main entrance of the Neurology clinic.

2 thoughts on “Open Mind, Open Window

  1. Sounds so fascinating! My favorite subject in college was biological psychology…not nearly as challenging as medical school, but still super interesting 🙂

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