Today, I took an emotional intelligence test.

The NY Times reports that people who read literary fiction tend to score higher on emotional intelligence tests. Take the test! I posted a 34, but I have a confession – I hardly ever read fiction.

Check it out:

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12 thoughts on “Today, I took an emotional intelligence test.

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  2. this test showed me that i have an attention problem .. i only got through half before i realized how long it was. i got 3 wrong already, so ARKIE has the high score!!
    what was the last novel you read?

    • hmm, what WAS the last novel i read? like i said, i read a lot of non-fiction, so “The Defining Decade” and “Stumbling Upon Happiness” were the last two books i read, but they were both non-fiction. i believe “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” was the last book of fiction i read. was that 2011 or 2012?

      • for our book club read #1, right?! i’d love a list of your suggested non-fiction books. did you get a lot more out of “The Defining Decade” book compared to the TEDtalk? I really like “Lean In”, but a lot of it was expansion from her talk.

        • Yes, loved the book! The TED talk is very closely based off of the book, but it is still informative and a good read. I actually think Meg Jay might be ISTJ, Lotte.

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