Today, I’m suited up!


Friday again, and the days are blending into one another this semester as an endless cycle of study, sleep, eat, class … in fact, the main difference is where we have our Introduction to Clinical Medicine session each week (last time was in the Pediatrics clinic). This Wednesday, we suited up for (watching) surgery!

Sophie and I after putting on our colorful gowns.

Sophie and I after putting on the colorful gowns.

I didn’t go into the OR because I wouldn’t have been able to see anything from my vantage point, but I did get a lot out of our tour in the ICU. The physician gave us a history of each patient there, e.g. their pre- and post-operative statuses and difficulties encountered in their treatment. One notable procedure mentioned was the gastric pull up esophagectomy, in which the stomach replaces the esophagus.

Other than that, I feel as though I’m at the base of a mountain of reading. Off  I go to start my climb.

Happy weekend, y’all 🙂

3 thoughts on “Today, I’m suited up!

  1. The endless cycle looks like it still includes time for fun! I can relate to the mountain, especially the preclinical Mount Everest of Step 1 looming nearer. The block director recently sent an email “cordially” inviting us to a mandatory meeting on the topic.

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