Today (or yesterday), I begin mini-medical school!

I learned all about the female pelvis last night. EXCITING STUFF, right?! I was filled with excitement at the thought of going to class. Those first class nerves and anxiety appeared. What if I get lost trying to find the classroom? (Let me remind you that it’s just downstairs from where I work.) Luckily, a co-worker and I are attending the class together and so I did not get lost. +1!

Light refreshments and drinks were provided and then we began the first lecture: ANATOMY. The takeaway from the night is that there are so many things that could go wrong with pregnancy. I’m a bit worried. And I started seeing random structures everywhere. Doesn’t this look like an evil bat?


After lecture, we were taken to the anatomy lab for a hands-on experience. Despite my initial (a couple of seconds) disgust at the beef jerky’s and pork ribs on the table, I later found my curiosity and excitement to be able to explore the human body that I was the first one at the table for the gloves. And here I was… poking and prodding at everything (someone’s hip bone? someone’s armpit?), holding hearts and lungs and just engrossed in the aesthetics of the human body.

Have you ever worked with a cadaver? Have you been out of school for a long time? Do you yearn to take classes again? Or are you in school and yearn to be a free-spirited professional? 🙂 Happy hump day!

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6 thoughts on “Today (or yesterday), I begin mini-medical school!

  1. I graduated college in 2010 with my bachelors in biology so I got to do all sorts of dissecting…but a cadaver lab wasn’t part of the curriculum 😦 Luckily, I went to an honors camp my junior year in high school at a college that had a cadaver lab and I was amazed!! It is so neat once you get past the thought of it being a person! I miss the days of learning the different sciences in school (Biology, Chemistry, Physics). Who woulda thought I’d miss Chemisty?? haha

  2. i yearn to be a free-spirited professional!! … though a classmate and i were saying today that, conservatively, we have another decade until reaching that point …

  3. Wow that’s crazy and definitely seems interested. I’ve always thought that I would love to be a doctor or a nurse if only I could stand the sight of blood, I really missed out on my calling with that one…Also that picture does look like an evil bat

    • Yeah, the sight does hit you at first… but if you can move forward, it really is awesome! The picture is still disturbing! hahahahha… don’t want to associate that with a bat :\ thanks for stopping by 🙂

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