Today, is the BEST DAY!

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day of the year.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I like that…I’m gonna use that from now on! It’s pretty accurate actually because I just finished up watching Juan Mata chat with people and answer questions on Google+, and live chatting with Charkie while it was happening. He’s wonderful.

Before and during hanging out with Juan, I was very productive with Hope For Haiti stuff…which I haven’t talked about much on this blog but maybe one day I’ll do a post about it. Long story short, I’m trying to start fundraising for a new video initiative so I was writing up some emails and other stirring, motivational text. Hopefully I’ll inspire people!

Ok, that’s it for today. YESTERDAY was also a great day! I took a not-so-spontaneous trip to the beach! I haven’t gone to the coast all summer (it’s been almost a year since I was there) so I took a friend with me who is new to eastern NC and we had a blast! On the way there, we stopped for gas in a little town and saw a sign for “WORLD’S LARGEST FRYING PAN.” Obviously, we had to see this thing so we drove a mile down the road and saw the site.

Frying pan


So if you haven’t gathered it yet, the picture on the right is of the frying pan. It took us a while to figure out that was it too (the board on the right clued us in). No offense to the town and people of Rose Hill, but imagine our disappointment when we see this thing and realize it’s not a typical frying pan but just a hot surface on which to fry! I mean, where is the pan? I was imagining being able to make the world’s largest omelet or the world’s largest pancake but noooooooo, we’ll just have a whole bunch of people standing around it and cooking their respective, normal sized foods. *Sigh*

Anyway, after getting over the frying pan scandal, we finally made it to the beach and caught a glimpse of beautiful sunshine…



…before it rained on our picnic! I’d say less than 5 minutes after taking this photo, we were treated to a nice little drizzle! But nothing could ruin our “spontaneous” beach day! So, we quickly ran underneath a boardwalk and spread out our blankets there. We played dominoes and a card game that I’ve never heard of and then we walked through the water for a little bit before making our way to downtown Wilmington.

After taking a walk down the riverfront, we settled into a quiet bar for dinner and then got some froyo before making the drive back home. BONUS: the froyo place was closing down (for reasons still undetermined after talking to an employee) and they had a deal for 10 cents per ounce so for the both of us, we paid $1.08! What a great way to end a great trip!



Ok, ’tis all for now! I hope you have the best day today, friends!


4 thoughts on “Today, is the BEST DAY!

  1. i’m still feeling all yearny, but i’ve written it on my heart that it was best day, and tomorrow will be even better! 🙂
    i’m crying foul and false advertisement on that frying pan. however, the froyo deal and beach scenes probably make up for it.

  2. Looks like you’re a true Taylor Swift fan! And I’m excited about your new video initiativeeee YOU ARE AWESOME. The beach looks beautiful. I want to take a getaway to the beach, but I guess I’ll just wait for next spring/summer. Miss you lots and let’s make the world’s largest REAL frying pan. Deal?

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