Today, I wake up early and think.

Dearest friends bought me a livingsocial deal to make my own skincare products tonight (this shall be documented, of course), so I decided to take public transportation to work (I’ll omit the details). It really isn’t too terrible of a commute–about a little more than an hour of a trip. I hadn’t taken the metro in so long that I actually enjoyed it. The idea “distance makes the heart grown fonder” has appeared once again. 🙂 What is your commute to work/school/life like? What do you enjoy doing during that time? 

I recently received an email from a dear friend who is teaching in Indonesia and was impressed that she was able to wake up an extra hour early to be able to have some quiet thinking & reading time. While I do not have the ability to wake up that early, the hour-long commute gave me a moment and an excuse to have that alone time, to read or catch up on the morning news. Loved every second of it!

Waiting for the lovely, free circulator to carry me to the metro.

Exiting the duPont Circle Metro, long escalators scare me.

Waiting in line for the shuttle bus. It looks like a school-bus. I feel like a student, once again.

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7 thoughts on “Today, I wake up early and think.

  1. Don’t you love livingsocial? When I was living in Boston, I used livingsocial and groupons like crazy! Best idea ever! Good luck with making your own skincare products – sounds like fun!

    • Oh my! It’s the first livingsocial event I have ever been to! I didn’t realize so many people attend these sessions/events! I had so much fun and I’ll share the experience soon! 🙂

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