Today, I tried doing something girly!

And I succeeded! Well, I did it but it could look better. Here’s the link.

20130923-154123.jpg                  20130923-155042.jpg

What do you think? Any future color suggestions?

Hope y’all are having a great Monday!

p.s. It’s easier to do than it seems…the tutorial claimed it was easy but I didn’t believe it but it’s true! Once you get the hang of it (and if you like it) you’ll wanna try a whole bunch of colors. This probably goes without saying but it’s hard to do with your non-dominant hand so be careful! It took me about 20 minutes to do, I think. Not too long! Hope it lasts!

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4 thoughts on “Today, I tried doing something girly!

  1. You’re so awesome! Making hats! And doing DIY nails! I can’t keep up… hahaha, I was going to try doing this and then realized that I don’t have a sponge. I thought about cutting up a dish washing sponge but then decided against that haha. ❤

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