Friday Night’s Alright (For Studying)

Week 2 of year 2 is done; it feels like I’m in the trenches of study war. There’s so much to keep track of, to read and memorize, that it’s hard to make time for other things, and impossible for me to do it without feeling guilty. I’ve got to improve my work-life balance skills.

On Thursday, we had our first 2 physiology quizzes of the semester. Those will be a weekly event to keep us on top of the material, but it also makes it hard to prioritize the other subjects — except when they have midterms! It’s enough to drive me cray cray, and did for a few days, but I’m resolved to remember that I’m doing what I want in a place that feels like home, and that happiness is not to be overlooked!

Today, I walked home with Bianca (who gives a much more thorough summary of our hectic days on her blog) from biochemistry lecture, and that was a welcome reminder that I’m not in the trenches alone.  Onwards!

Before that, though, I must wish an early and very happy birthday to our one and only Jarkie! 

That's us celebrating her birthday at Alivia's in Durham last year :)

That’s us celebrating her birthday at Alivia’s in Durham two years ago 🙂

5 thoughts on “Friday Night’s Alright (For Studying)

  1. WAS THAT REALLY TWO YEARS AGO?!?!?!? @_@ thanks for the birthday wish! 🙂 Um I’m going to ignore the senior citizen comment. It just makes me further away from my “student ID” photo. Looks like the skin creams are a good thing for now!

    And remember my advice (well really technically Mindy’s) but always true – work life

  2. Ack quizzes :/
    CHARKS, I had a dream last night that we were in a lecture hall and about to take a test (Dr. Roy was administering it) and we were in some place where many of our facebook friends/classmates speak portuguese and you posted a photo of your newsfeed with all the portuguese speakers lamenting over the test. ANYWAY, Juan Mata liked your photo and I spent the next 5 minutes trying to get your attention before the test started to tell you that he did! But then I couldn’t…and suddenly that part of the dream was over! 😦 Well…it ended before the test so that was good!

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