Today, I’m ready to begin.

It feels like I just finished final exams, but my classmates and I are back at it again, this time as second-year students. The courses and expectations are less confusing, more demanding, and I am just as overwhelmed.

My plans to enjoy the last weekend of summer were interrupted by a sudden illness on Saturday night, and I spent a day in the hospital. Since I was on the upswing and school was starting, the doctors allowed me to leave on Sunday night, but I’ve been going back for IV antibiotics and checkups every day between classes. All of it has left me exhausted, and only today have I gotten all my syllabi, lectures, exam topic lists printed out and organized. Now, to open a textbook …

I’m a little worried about managing my time and juggling physiology, anatomy, and biochemistry this year.

The only way out is through; today, I’m finally feeling readier to go at it.

Coffee sleeve from Joe Van Gogh, my favorite café on campus.

Coffee sleeve courtesy of Joe Van Gogh, my favorite café  when the -arkies and I lived on campus.

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13 thoughts on “Today, I’m ready to begin.

  1. Love the sleeve and love that quote: “The only way out is through” … so true for so many things in life. Good luck getting back into the groove of things since you’ve been chillaxing…. 😛

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