Today, I am busy!

I’ve got a busy day ahead of me today! Lunches, retirement/send-off parties, work work work! 🙂 Busy days are always more rewarding than bored days. Is today a busy school/work/life day for you, also? I was so happy to have won a bracelet giveaway hosted by Jen over at Dragonfly Reviews (thanks for hosting!!). She was sweet enough to add some make up and Julep nail polishes into the bag!

I actually saw these Hello Kitty eyeliners on Sephora and had been wanting to buy them (I LOVE HELLO KITTY) .. but now I don’t have to! YAY! Have you tried any of the below products? What do you think you’d like? Okay, until next time!

as always,

Satindoll bracelet amidst the wonderful goodies! 🙂 

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