Today, I begin my Journey to the East Beauty Series…

This Journey to the East started out with a friend of mine telling me about a foaming net. I remember at the time not really paying attention to the subject because I just did not understand the purpose of it. So we’re using a mini-loofah to cleanse our faces? Why? These were my first thoughts. However, later that evening, I stumbled upon this foaming net concept two more times: 1) in a youtube video (I don’t remember which video I clicked on now) and 2) Marie mentioned it in her NYC Chinatown haul post. Something I’ve never heard of before came into my life 3 times on that very day. Well, I guess that’s a sign 😛 The items that will be featured in “The Journey to the East” series are listed at the end of this post.

I’m just going to be talking about the foaming net today. It supposedly makes your foam cleanser foamy so that it can be gentle to your skin and not dry it out. I’ll bring my review of the foaming cleansers and the exfoliator next time! 🙂 The foaming net is really easy to use and pretty self explanatory but I’ve listed directions below… well mostly for fun 🙂

The particular foaming net that I bought comes with the net and 3 mini loofah’s inside. It also comes with a hook which I can attach to my mirror 🙂 Easy storage.

First, wet your foaming net with lukewarm water 🙂

Then add a small amount of your facial cleanser to the net (dime size is sufficient).

Create some friction, whether that’s rubbing between your palms or squeezing the net. Add a little more of the water to create a generous lather.

Ta da! You’ve got lots of foam… cleanse your face gently with it!

Verdict.  I’ve been using this net for almost two weeks now and find that my face is feeling smoother and brighter. BUT that could also be psychological. Either way, I think I’ll continue to use the foaming net. One added benefit is that it can sure make your cleanser last for a lot longer since you don’t have to use as much of it. Saves money? Yep, I’ll take this one! 🙂 Have you used a foaming net before? Did you get any results? If you’ve never heard of this before, do you think you’ll be likely to use it? 


Journey to East Beauty Series – Product List

I picked up the the two foaming cleansers and the perfect oil at my local Chinese grocery store. I found the foaming net and the cure aqua gel (exfoliator) on Amazon. If you’re looking to find these items and do not have a physical store you can go to, I’ve provided the links for amazon at the end of this post (there might be even better deals on the internet, so I suggest you search around).


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