Today, I have returned from my trip

This weekend, I took a trip…down memory lane! Two of my bridesmaids (what I call my closest friends…don’t judge me) were in Durham this weekend! One of them lives there and her birthday is coming up and the other came from NYC to visit and celebrate. We went to the Nasher museum, the Durham farmer’s market, we baked together, went to a movie night, went to a brewery tour/class and visited a friend at Duke! Such a packed but wonderful weekend.

photo 1

One highlight was the brewery class. I really don’t like beer but it was fascinating learning about craft beer making and the amount of knowledge and skill involved. It almost made me want to have my own brewery…but then I would feel like a fraud because I really really don’t like beer–so much so that during the sampling, I asked my friend to drink mine too, after I took a courtesy sip. We did get to try like 7 or 8 different types of ales and lager (I learned the difference!) which, for an enthusiast, would be awesome.

photo 3

Another highlight was going back to campus. Over the past year and a half, I haven’t enjoyed being on campus. I’ve just had this emotional rejection to it for some reason! Maybe because they changed it so much and it’s not mine anymore. I know other graduates who feel the same way…it’s just awkward. But the last 2 times I’ve been on have been great! Maybe it’s because I’ve gone with people I loved while I was a student so it just brings me back in a good way 🙂

OH let me not forget to say that we learned to make Kombucha this weekend and I finally tasted a Tea egg and a real fig. When the three of us get together, I’m always trying something new. The egg was pretty good and the fig was good (it made yummy ice cream). The kombucha…honestly now that I’ve seen how it’s made, I’m less inclined to try it. But I respect the process!

photo 2

Even though we did a lot of fun things this weekend, I think the great talks we had were probably my favorite part. It’s wonderful to have people that you can joke around with, be weird with, but also have deep convos with! I’m glad I have my bridesmaids for all that!

Ok, tis all for now friends, hope y’all had a great Labor Day (for the American readers) and a great weekend (for everyone else)!

2 thoughts on “Today, I have returned from my trip

  1. Seems like a lovely weekend. AND OH MAI GODDESSSSS YOU HAVE NEVER TRIED A TEA EGG BEFORE?! I’m so glad you got to experience one of my favorite favorite favorite snacks (but who are we kidding, ALL FOOD is my favorite). Well, you’ve got me missing the sights and smells and tastes and people of Durham! Nostalgia kicking into high gear!

  2. You really did Durham!! How’d you like the fig?! I’d like to have fig and avacado trees one day (in my dream life).
    Which beer was the least offensive?

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