Today, I bring you breathtaking view that President Abe Lincoln sees…

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Now I promised you the breathtaking view that President Abe sees every night… so here it is ~


I mentioned that I took a trip to see the memorials/monuments of Washington, DC after my dining experience at Jaleo DC in my previous post.  I have visited the city landmarks multiple times during family vacations as a kid. However, I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of these places at night. What a difference it makes! And how lovely it is! I also didn’t realize that so many people come out at night to see these famous memorials/monuments. Enjoy ~

We started out at the US National World War II Memorial. This is one of my favorite ones to visit with the 56 pillars surrounding the plaza and fountain.  This is also a great place to view the Washington Monument

From the World War II Memorial plaza, you can see the Lincoln Memorial from afar. When you’re actually standing there, the memorial seems like a short walk, but it’s actually quite far (well, I guess it’s not that far… hehe).

After a quick-ish walk, we have arrived at the front of the memorial. We spy Abe.

Whew! What a climb… let’s take a break and look up at the aesthetics of it all!

And there he sits as he gazes out at the lovely city of Washington, DC.


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3 thoughts on “Today, I bring you breathtaking view that President Abe Lincoln sees…

  1. Great photos,especially considering they were captured at night. If only Abe could look up and see that beautiful ceiling 🙂 what a great date idea 😛

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