Today, I recap my baking day!


Getting everything prepared. I felt like I was on the cooking channel!

So the parents finally made it back this morning after a long journey and first thing they did when they came in was have a chunk of my Challah!


Y’all this was so yummy!

The first time I tried baking this a while ago, my yeast was inactive so I didn’t get the immense size that I got this time around. I also got some wonderful texture inside the bread and it tasted like some of the best Challah I’ve bought in stores…not to toot my own horn or anything.

20130822-192605.jpg   20130822-192725.jpg

The not so great aspect to this bread was that my oven isn’t good at even baking so while the top was thoroughly finished, the bottom needed some more heat and this resulted in some over baking. Next time, I will bake at a lower temperature. I also recommend doing half a recipe because this one, as you can probably see from the photos, creates HUGE loves. Oh also, if you have carpal tunnel/tendinitis like Jarkie and I do, be warned that you’ll be sore afterwards.

After I took a break from cleaning, watching soccer, and tirelessly kneading my dough, my sister and I started on the carrot cake birthday cupcakes for my mom. We chose to do half the recipe because 24 cupcakes is a lot for a family of 4. For my family, 4 cupcakes is a lot.


I should say that even though we halved the recipe, we ended up having enough batter for 18 cupcakes. So I don’t know what we’ll do with the surplus…a food giveaway is probably not a good idea! Also, if you’re wondering, three large carrots is about 1 1/2 cups grated. Just FYI. We didn’t have baking soda (oops!) so we looked up substitutes. Google said for 1tsp or soda, use 4 tsp of powder. So we did this…with old baking powder and ended up with cups instead of cupcakes.


 Now I know the function of baking soda! Not all of the cupcakes caved in but they aren’t as cakey as they should be. But that could also be a product of baking from scratch/not enough flour/something else going wrong. Next time I’ll try to have all the ingredients and see what happens.


I think I would call baking day a success despite the minor  tweaks I’ll have to make next time. I’m starting to learn that  just  because I don’t do something perfectly doesn’t mean I  suck at  doing stuff and baking is a good way for me to add  patience  and perspective into my productivity. Can’t wait to  try more  stuff! The links to the recipes are below. If you make  either of    these, let us know!



4 thoughts on “Today, I recap my baking day!

  1. That challah looks ahMAHzing, and the cups look delicious too. an all-around success. Most importantly, I’m impressed with what a good daughter you are, welcoming back the ‘rents with such fine baking.
    Cool what a little activity in the yeast can do 🙂

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