Today, I’m up in arms!

The case of a deaf medical student, first brought to my attention by this article, will hopefully bring some positive momentum to disability rights. Why medical school is set apart for people with physical disabilities as some unreachable career path continues to baffle me, challenge my convictions, and incite my otherwise docile inner activist.

We’ll see if the federal court will do anything to standardize the arbitrary interpretations of “reasonable accommodation” mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

5 thoughts on “Today, I’m up in arms!

  1. Everyone is an activist, it just takes being denied something that’s critical enough to your life. ๐Ÿ™‚ That isn’t equally likely to happen to everyone, though, the way the world is currently set-up. #StuffILearnedAsAWomensStudiesMajor

    • True!
      Although … that makes me feel selfish/unempathetic that I can’t muster the same outrage for other people’s critical issues.

      • Hmm, I think the important thing is doing the best we can. No one can take on all the problems of the world. I’d say pick one that means a lot to you and do the best you can to rid the world of that problem ๐Ÿ™‚

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