Online Shopping and the “Kate Middleton Effect”


Yesterday, after the British Monarchy released this photo of Prince William, Kate Middleton, and their totally adorable newborn baby, the dress she was wearing in the photo sold out in two hours. Isn’t that crazy? Customers are even calling the maternity brand and begging them to check their stock again and again to see if all the dresses are really gone. (I’m covering this story today, and I’m flabbergasted by it, so I thought I’d pop by to share.)

For all of you out there who want this dress (and I don’t blame you, it’s beautiful!), they will be available again on September 16th.

Image Courtesy: British Monarchy Facebook page

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7 thoughts on “Online Shopping and the “Kate Middleton Effect”

  1. HAO DO THEY KNOW WHAT DRESS SHE IS WEARING?!?!?!?! She is blocking most of it!
    Well, I could use a maternity dress… with my stomach and the way I’ve been eating πŸ˜› Please keep me posted where to buy it on Sept 16. I’ll send myself an early birthday gift. (Do you know how expensive? LOL except I’m quite serious)

    • You so do not have a stomach, you silly billy goo goo.

      It’s a lovely dress, though, and I would buy it. It’s $72, and it’s called the ‘Jolene’ dress by Seraphine Maternity.

    • I agree, they look nice πŸ™‚ Prince William gave an interview on CNN just now, and it was pretty sweet. He said that George is a little “rascal” and that even though he’s only been a parent for a few weeks, he already finds that things affect him differently.

  2. If you google the brand, Seraphine, they have a few full length photos of the dress on a model. Kate’s wore the exact same style, but in a blue and white pattern, the day after she and William left the hospital.

    Arkie, love the post on Kate! I just blogged about her latest family portrait as well! I’m a huge fan of how her father took the pic πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Erin! I didn’t realize that Kate was wearing the same style dress when she left the hospital! Good eye. We’ll be sure to check out your blog post! xo

      • Oh – sorry to be confusing! The dress she wore leaving the hospital was a Jenny Packham. The next day when she and Will left for Middleton Manor, she was wearing the same Seraphine dress. πŸ™‚ Thanks for checking out my blog as well! Loved you post!

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