Today, I am back to reality*!

Lol it seems Jarkie posted while I was trying to put my pix up! I’ll try not to be redundant…but there can’t be too much blues talk, IMO 😉

I spent the past weekend in the wonderful Chelsea-land (a football infused utopia I’ve created in my mind) and got to spend some quality time with Jarkie in Bethesda! Our non-game time was pretty relaxed and relaxing and we got to enjoy sushi, bridal magazines, skyping with char, french breakfasts, and free cupcakes! We also got to see our lovely friend Nina before she headed off to start med school! It’s so wonderful to be able to spend quality time with friends in this  period of our lives when everyone is moving to and fro and transitioning into being real people. 😛

For the whole weekend, I was not-so-jokingly toying with the idea of going to the team hotel and trying to get autographs. I wasn’t sure if that was a real thing that people do and I didn’t want to be like some random stalker. But I did see a video of (a lot of) people doing that so next time Chelsea is in town, I’ll definitely be trying to get some photos!
Anyway, we did get to the stadium insanely early because I wanted to see if we could catch a glimpse of the players and WE DID! We pressed up against the fence to greet their bus and watch them walk into the tunnel. Standing for nearly 2 hours against the fence was totally worth it and having Jannie and my cousin Richard there with me is a memory I will surely cherish! Instead of posting too many details, I’ll just leave you with some photos (click to see larger size and captions). We (chelsea) ended up winning 2-1 and we (J,R,M) were sitting about 100ft away from the end zone. WOOT!

All in all, it was a great experience and I hope to have many more similar ones. As for now, it’s back to life as normal and trying to establish some kind of routine again…we’ll see how that goes. OH the season starts for both Chelsea and Madrid this weekend so maybe that’ll make things feel like normal again! I guess summer really is almost over…

Have a lovely day! 🙂

*Who am I kidding? I’m always in Chelsealand.

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