Lines, Cable Cars, & Panda Bears, oh my!

Yesterday, we were at Ocean Park, a theme park on Hong Kong Island. It’s located on a mountain side, and my favorite part of the day was the cable car ride from the top to the bottom (we had taken a funicular train on the way up).

My dad and I sat alone since there was only room for two in the wheelchair-designated car. The views were beautiful, and at least we know that we don’t have acrophobia!

There were also many animals – mostly from the ocean, but some from the land.


5 thoughts on “Lines, Cable Cars, & Panda Bears, oh my!

  1. Oh my so high off the ground!! I hope you didn’t get vertigo up there! Me likey the pandas even though they don’t really belong in the ocean park. But, if it’s up to Jannie, I guess pandas belong everywhere!

  2. Oh! Ocean Park was one of my favorite excursions while we were there! The ride to the park was the best part 🙂 I remember finding it so hard to capture the beauty of the view. I think I had to maneuver by arms between the bars and hold the camera out.

    Seems like the pandas were on better behavior when you were there. We got a napping panda that decided to roll over and go about his private business in front of everyone.

    Good to see that you are having a good time!

    • Yes, it is hard to do that view justice!! I wasn’t even expecting to be able to ride the cable car, so it was extra special!
      I should’ve also posted pictures of the red panda… They get the short end of the bamboo stick!
      How was the weekend camping?

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