Today, I write from the motherland!

After a lifetime of hearing about Hong Kong from my mother and relatives, I’m finally here!

It started on Saturday, when we left Frankfurt on a direct,11-hour flight leaving at 22:00.

We arrived early and had 4 hours to leisurely wait at the gate.

We arrived early and had 4 hours to leisurely wait at the gate.

Imagine fear of losing your luggage x 10 and that's what I'm feeling right there.

Imagine fear of losing your luggage x 10 and that’s what I’m feeling right there.

Here’s part of my travel routing: packing up my wheelchair for flight. Since it is stored with the cargo and just generally handled by many strangers in transit, I never quite know what will come out at the final destination. Thanks to Gail’s meticulous packing, it arrived unharmed!
I even had time to video chat with some relatives and Jarkie, thanks to free wifi in the “Fraport” after a month of limited internet data. She told me that my hair was like “Murry Curry’s” (as in, the Nobel Prize winner; what a southerner!;) ). Some people leave flights still looking radiant; seems like I can’t even board them that way!

We arrived in the HK and were greeted by my aunt at the massive airport (there’s even a cinema!). She lives with my Pau Pau (maternal grandmother) in an apartment of a campus dorm where she serves as the faculty-in-residence.  I hadn’t seen Pau Pau since she moved back to HK 3 years ago, and it was even better than I expected to be in each other’s company again. Their home is so spacious by any standards, let alone HK’s, with beautiful views, and we feel so blessed to be here!

Maybe I should've gone to school here... the university sits on the hills of Kowloon, right next to the water, with the mountains in the distance.

Maybe I should’ve gone to school here… the university sits on the hills of Kowloon, right next to the water, with the mountains in the distance.

On the first night, we went to eat at the Chinese restaurant on campus that serves dim sum every day at lunch time! :O A-mazing! (see caption above)

Yesterday, we rode a bus line from one end, a large mall, to the other, the waterfront at Sai Kung.

Pier at Sai Kung

Pier at Sai Kung. My aunt says that this use to be a day trip for the family when they were growing up.

Drying fish

Drying fish

Just a regular day at the fish market aquarium...

Just a regular day at the fish market aquarium…

Today, we went downtown for a buffet lunch and stopped to take in the Avenue of the Stars.

Look at the skyline!!

Look at the skyline! There were a couple of those so-called Chinese “junk” sailing ships.

My father and I, both visiting for the first time, are taken in by the vibrancy and composition of the city. I’m really looking forward to my mother’s arrival in a few weeks to see what she has to say about her memories and current impressions.

15 thoughts on “Today, I write from the motherland!

  1. Tis Jarkie here! Too lazy to sign out and re-login as Jarkie and comment. has it been a while since your mom’s been back also?! ooo i’m interested too! Kowloon! That’w here I stayed! I think! Go visit Chungking Mansions to see where your wifey stayed when she was there! AHHHHHHHHHHHH I AM SO JEALOUS. I can feel the air, I can smell the waters. I can see teh colors. WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i clearly woke up on the wrong side of the world.

    also i don’t remember the airport because i think we took a ferry directly to Macau when we arrived. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    • hi jarkie! 🙂 my mom hasn’t been back since she left! i will ask to see the chungking mansions, and of course, dan tat in macau is already in the works (preemptively letting you know!) ❤

  2. Welcome back to the interwebs!!

    So exciting to read about your trip so far. I’ve been thinking about you a lot. So curious about how your nursing practice was and more details about your time in Germany. I hope you continue to update from Hong Kong – and with plenty of pictures. Hope we can catch up soon!

    That university looks beautiful! Would be nice to turn your head during class to look out at the ocean 🙂 And dim sum for lunch, mmmm!

    • THANKS, Bianca! it is so good to be wired again! I’ve been thinking of you, too and hope to write more about the nursing practice once i formulate the words and find the balance of privacy/information — (reminder to take the course on social media and medicine).

  3. Beautiful pics, beautiful place!
    (now start taking pics of things that are already cooked :P)
    Do you think you’d live there if you could? Interested to hear your impressions once you’ve spent more time there.

    • i’m not sure … even though english is everywhere, the language barrier when communicating with people seems high. i guess it’s nothing that a year of immersion couldn’t cure, though. I’m looking into it! But yes, definitely more details on that to come!

      • #1 – you know I agree with markie. TAKE PICTURES OF NOMNOMNOMs

        #2- omg please move to hong kong. i mean, well i want you to move near me first and foremost but if life decides to separate us, then at least move to hong kong. i’d visit you 4 times a year!

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