Today, I revisit the Städel Museum

Today, I was supposed to head downtown after work to meet Gail in the Schirn Museum for modern and contemporary art, but she texted me as I was waiting at the bus stop that it wouldn’t be worth the visit. She’d spent part of the afternoon there and was not so impressed with the exhibits, so we decided to meet at home instead.

It would have been hard to top last week’s trip to the Städel Museum, anyways. I’ve been meaning to tell you about it!
We had made the same arrangement to meet there, since they are open late, until 9pm, on Wednesdays. By the time I arrived, I had less than 4 hours to view the three-floor collection! The Städel’s architectural layout is artistic in and of itself: the top floor, which houses early European works, has cobblestone floors and burgundy walls; the middle floor displaying 19th and 20th century art has a standard museum feel; and the bottom floor with contemporary art has a decidedly modern, minimalist aesthetic.

There was a lot to see, and I definitely didn’t do it all justice! Aside from the permanent collection, I was glad to catch the special exhibit “When bodies became art” by the avante-garde artist Piero Manzoni (see photo below). Here are just a few things that caught my eye:

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2 thoughts on “Today, I revisit the Städel Museum

  1. DO YOU KNOW HOW EXCITED I AM TO SEE YOUR APPEARANCE?!?!?!?! ON HERE?!?!?!? 😀 So glad to see you 🙂
    But I’m a bit mad at you. no warning at all. I scroll down and see little white circles and almost couldnt’ breathe :\
    But Botticelli saved me! =)

    Hey come back here and we can paint and drink wine (well, let’s say hard cider. let’s just scratch that and say shirley temple) and be artistssssss. Miss you ❤

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