Today, I present you a guide to dim sum…

Howdy! (… did I really just say that? >.<)

It’s been a while! This weekend, I went to dim sum with a group of girls who I used to live with. It was fun getting together with old and new friends and enjoying their company over DELICIOUS HONG KONG FOOD. Speaking of Hong Kong, it’s still a regret of mine that I never experienced dim sum when I was actually in Hong Kong. Shame on me, right?! Well, no worries! Miss Charkie will be in HK next week! Hopefully she’ll have more access to wifi (weefee) and she’ll fulfill my dreams for all of us 🙂

Here’s just a short guide to dim sum.

Dim Sum

What is it? It’s a style of Cantonese food that’s prepared in small bit-sized portions of food and is served in mini steamer baskets or on small plates. Think tapas or something of that sort. In many restaurants, you’ll see these plates piping hot on carts that get rolled around. Grab yours as soon as you see it and nomnomnom.

Origins  Back in the good old days, there used to be teahouses set up along side of the roads. Think of the travelers for the Silk Road. Anyways, people later realized that tea is helpful with digestion and so they began adding snacks. Dim Sum as we know it originated in southern China.

Dim Sum The literal translation of dim sum can read something as “dotting the heart” or rather “touch the heart.” This is because the small plates are not meant to make you full (even though if you’re like me and you EAT a lot of it…. well, it can make you bloated until the point where you might pass out) … just enough to touch your heart. Chinese (no matter what dialect) is a prettay language, right? 🙂

I meant to post pictures … but am out of time! 

So this is all I can do for now. Sorry lovely readers! I’ll try to update this post! Have a lovely Tuesday! Tomorrow is Hump Day! WEDNESDAY!

BBQ buns

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6 thoughts on “Today, I present you a guide to dim sum…

  1. how did you make it – being in HK and not going to dim sum?! really shame on you! 🙂 ask your friend to NOT go to Maxim’s – it’s chain dim sum place, bit overpriced with very average tasting items 😦 try to find small ones, run by families 🙂

    • Thanks for the suggestion – I’m sure she’ll appreciate it! She’s an author on this blog, also 🙂

      And yep, I always feel guilty when I tell people that. Hopefully, I’ll have another chance to visit soon! And then I can fix that! Thanks for stopping by !

    • thanks for the tip! i am so excited to EAT in HK 🙂
      and yes, that is one of Jarkie’s great regrets — to be remedied eventually, I’m sure.

  2. Oh my goodness, I miss Dim Sum so much! It’s no where to be found in Orlando and I want my steamed Bao! Waahh! I could really go for some Shrimp Shu Mai as well right now. Yum.

    I can’t wait to move back to Cali so I can get decent Asian and Mexican food again. Florida is a terrible place for Ethnic food. You’re making me hungry AND homesick!


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