Today, I bought new shoes. (Yesterday, I reconnected with a friend!)

What are you guys up to this weekend? Yesterday, I ran five miles for the first time in several weeks. Man, I thought I was gonna die by like the third mile. Anyways, I realized that I hadn’t bought new shoes in 11 months, and I got new shoes today! Nothing motivates you to run a beautiful pair of new shoes, huh? They are looking me from the corner of the room, as if to say “break me in!”

I also had dinner and frozen yogurt with another best friend from college last night. Since her name starts with a “Y,” and we’re always trying to get her to join the blog, I’ll call her Yarkie. We met up around 5:30 and meant to have a brief dinner but it went on until late at night. We just had so much catching up to do!

Anyway, after hanging out with her, I felt super blessed for having had the opportunity to go to college and meet so many people that I connected with. As is always the case, I met many duds along the way, but I got to keep the awesome people, thank God! 🙂


Charkie’s in silver, Markie’s in black and green, Arkie’s in white, and Yarkie is one of the remaining people in the photo.

Yarkie and I are really like two peas in a pod, and it got me thinking about when we make the majority of our close friends. I definitely formed my closest friendships (so far) in college as opposed to high school. I know some people for whom the opposite is true. I even know people who seem to have more friends in medical school or in the working world than they had in either college or high school. It’s interesting to see when and where people hit their stride.

When did you guys meet your closest friends?


4 thoughts on “Today, I bought new shoes. (Yesterday, I reconnected with a friend!)

  1. proud of your for breaking in the new shoes with the run, especially when you were feeling tired at mile 3. yarkie certainly belongs to the best!
    that’s one of my favorite pictures from the college years. i think that’s when i met my closest friends, too, up till now at least. hopefully we will add to the circle 🙂

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