Today, I am recounting tales of my BluePrint Cleanse…

Okay. I admit. I cheated. Woops.
(**If you’re looking for a review of the taste of each juice, scroll towards the end of this post)

I didn’t mean to cheat… but I attended my very first YELP Elite Event last week. Tasty finger foods from Busboys and Poets and savory, spicy rice bowls from Spice 6How could I not cheat? 

Busboys and Poets mini-sandwiches. How could I stay away from THIS?!


But otherwise, I’m still satisfied with my cleanse. Only problem? I ate way too much food afterwards. I’ll comment a little more below. So after going through some downs in this mostly up life of mine, I started to feel a little sluggish. I needed to be brought out of my slums. I’d read about juice cleanses all the time and even scoffed at the idea of it. This celebrity is doing it. That celebrity endorses it. Blah blah blah. But as I was flipping through my NewBeauty magazine two weeks ago… I thought, why not? Maybe my emotional cleanse could start with a physical cleanse! I made sure to read the disadvantages or health risks of cleanses. Make sure you don’t get addicted, make sure you don’t rely on it for losing weight, stay hydrated, etc. Sounded simple enough. BluePrint Cleanse happened to be doing a promotion, so I was able to purchase a 3-day cleanse from them for a discounted price. Perfect! I read that Olivia Wilde (see her tweet here) and Julia Stiles are just among some of the celebrities that like this cleanse… not that I care 😛

This came in a cardboard box. Little instruction/information manual included!

This came in a cardboard box. Little instruction/information manual included!

Sign-up: Signing up was easy enough. You choose the type of cleanse you want. For me, since I’m a beginner, I chose the Renovation option. They can only deliver Tues-Thurs (I believe) and only deliver a total of 3 days worth of juices at one time, so you want to keep that in mind if you’re trying to have more than a 3-day juice cleanse. Also, the juices are guaranteed to be fresh for 6 days. Give your billing/shipping info and as simple as that!

Delivery: I chose for mine to arrive on a Tuesday. It probably came sometime in the early afternoon via FedEx. I didn’t want to start my cleanse in the middle of the day so I decided to start it the next morning on Wednesday. The night before the cleanse, I had just a tomato, mini-cucumber and a little bit of feta cheese (which trust me, IS A LOT LESS THAN WHAT I NORMALLY EAT) to prepare myself for the 3 day cleanse.

Came with reusable ice packs! :) Perfect for re-use if you're at work and need to keep the juices cold.

Came with reusable ice packs! 🙂 Perfect for re-use if you’re at work and need to keep the juices cold.

Day 1

Thank goodness I took a day off from work because I was not feeling well. Why was this a good thing? I read that the most common side effect of drinking juices would be needing to use the restroom… but I did not completely understand. No, this had me running to the bathroom every 10-20 minutes after 2nd or 3rd juice! I seriously contemplated setting up a work station in the bathroom… but that would be awkward 😛 Imagine what my roommate would thinking when she came home that THAT IMAGE. AHAHAHAHHAHA. I drank the juices ~every 2 hours… and I surprisingly was not hungry on the first day. 

Small note: The juice makes you either constipated or have the extreme opposite problem. If you find that you go to use the bathroom and what comes out makes it look like you bled A LOT. DO NOT PANIC. Think to if you had the 5th juice (see below) … because you’re most likely fine. 😛

Day 2

I was not hungry throughout the day. I was back at work and it was terrible having to run to the bathroom so often. I’m sure the entire office thought I was crazy. I was also silly in scheduling this cleanse (I didn’t think it through obviously) for when the YELP Elite Event would happy. While I wasn’t hungry throughout the day, my stomach screamed at me when it saw all the delicious, might I add FREE, food.

Day 3

Having broke my cleanse the night before… my stomach was starting to get really hungry. HANGRY. The entire day I felt like ROARING LIKE A LIONESS. Where was my catch of the day? My prey? Thoughts of Pizza! Hamburgers! Little Wonton Soup! Japanese food! Korean food! Noodles! Rice Cakes! Hot Dogs! ran through my mind like crazy. My stomach yelled at me all day. I gave in towards the late afternoon… unfortunately I did not have the accepted cheat foods of celery stalks or 1/4 of an avocado at work. All I had were pretzels and so I consumed a few (…..) of those. Woops. And then I was angry. Upset. I wanted food. And I felt weak. For cheating.

Overall Thoughts

Even though I went back to eating a lot of food after I ended it… this cleanse definitely felt like a restart button. I’m much more aware of the food I put in my body. It was also a restart button in the sense that I feel more energized, more ready to start over!

I cheated a little, but the effects of the cleanse were not lost. It definitely cleaned out my systems, and I felt lights, more clear-minded and focused. I did not see any drastic weight changes (~3-4 pounds but probably all water weight). I did however notice, to my pleasure, that my skin looked so smooth, radiant, clean, and fresh! If anything, this is a great little cleanse for your skin! In summary –

  • Use this as a cleanse, as a restart button, or as a beginning step for something healthy!
  • Do not expect drastic weight loss
  • Stay hydrated with water, herbal teas
  • Do not schedule for when you’ve got a lot of social plans. For instance, going to the bar with a friend? Going to “taste of [insert city]” or a wedding reception? Why would you torture yourself! You’re not going to that bar with a little green juice in your hand!
  • Make sure you have easy access to a bathroom while you’re on the cleanse
  • If you do need to chew on something, make sure you have some celery stalks or avocado nearby!
  • Do NOT. I repeat, do NOT… binge right after the cleanse (like I have)… tis not a good thing. 😛

Would I do this again? It’s a bit pricey… but I wouldn’t mind doing this again. I think you buy BluePrint juices at Whole Foods so I might try that if I’m ever feeling sluggish. I loved that I felt so clean and clear right after! I LOVED the way my skin looked. And the juices tasted pretty good. I think I’ll try to make it myself next time 🙂

All the juices lined up!

All the juices lined up!

The Juices Listed
**click on the thumbnails for larger photos of the juices

photo 4 (3)1. Green Juice. Romaine, Celery, Cucumber, Apple, Spinach, Kale, Parsley, Lemon. This juice, though icky green looking tasted surprisingly delicious. A very light taste… you can taste mostly the cucumber and lemon.

photo 5 (3)2. P.A.M. Pineapple, Apple, Mint. This was my favorite juice. I love all three ingredients. Definitely very minty and delicious. If I had a juicer, I’d make this every day, all the time!

3. Green Juice, again.

photo 1 (2)4. Spicy Lemonade. Water, Lemon, Agave Nectar, Cayenne. This was another good juice. So far, I was surprised! Why do all these juices taste so good? This tastes like any normal lemonade, with a spice to it. Make sure not the chug it like I did, because the spiciness will sting your throat. #thingsilearn

photo 2 (2)5. C.A.B. Apple, Carrot, Beet, Lemon, Ginger. From the ingredients, this juice looks like it would taste good. HOWEVER, I did not realize how much the taste of beet annoys me. It made this juice a bit uncomfortable to drink. I’d say this was probably my least favorite juice of the day. In addition – be careful!

photo 3 (3)6. Cashew Milk. Water, Cashew, Agave Nectar, Vanilla, Cinnamon. Um, I was looking forward to this one SO SO SO MUCH that in the end I didn’t like it. My expectations were too high. It’s not too sweat and it’s a bit chunky. The chunks of cashew get soggy so it’s kinda gross. Oh well, better than the C.A.B. Juice.

**Have you tried this cleanse? Have you tried any other juice cleanses? What about DIY cleanses? What do you think. Is it something you might be interested in? Do you have any questions? Feel free to comment below! Anyways, enjoy your lovely day!


Disclaimer: All views in this review are the opinion of the author and have not been influenced by any third party. Unless otherwise indicated, products being reviewed were purchased by the blog author and were in no way sponsored by any other party, including the product manufacturer or retailer.  Read the complete Todaycommai disclosure.

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    • At first, I thought the flavors would be weird… but actually! Most of them tasted good… except for that beet juice. Haha, but I clearly don’t’ have the self-control to stick to the juices only! 🙂

  1. hahaha, i like how you started off the post. 😀
    making these juices, especially the PAM, sounds like it would be worthwhile! and then you could put them in the ice pack!

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