Today, I am exhausted!

I know it’s not Friday yet but I really can’t wait for this week to be over…so I’m declaring it over rigggggght now. Remind me to never again watch the news. It’s just been bad news story after bad news story after bad news story mixed with some inhumanity and tragedy and stupidity all rolled into one giant bat to beat us over the heads with. SHEESH. I bet this royal baby is just gonna wait til next week, to add insult to injury.

This is not to say, however, that good things haven’t been happening. Today is Nelson Mandela’s 95th birthday and apparently he’s getting better. Same sex marriage is now legal in Britain which is pretty cool….I’m trying to think of more but my iced coffee hasn’t activated my brain yet.

Oh yeah, I cooked away some of sorrows this week. Yummmmm.




4 thoughts on “Today, I am exhausted!

  1. no news is good news, therefore, news is bad news?! well, thanks for sharing some of the positives this week, too. with any luck (and urging from arkie), baby cambridge will be added to that list!

  2. You are cooking the cuisine of my peoples! ❤ Also, yes, this week gave us a lot of negatives… but hopefully little by little, we will see changes… and let's start that with the baby cambridge!


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