Today, I’m thinking about cultivating my garden… [How do you Network?]

This past weekend, Arkie and I attended a tour of the National Museum of Women in the Arts and a “How to Cultivate and Utilize a Network” lunch. Judy Touchton, an executive coach and founder/CEO of WOMENLEADERSMOVE, brought her daughter to the lunch and came to discuss ways to create a helpful network and how to develop that network into a powerful too for achieving business and personal goals. And as I’ve made the transition from undergrad to these years which I’ll call gap years and onto whatever the future brings, I have realized that it’s so easy to just get … for lack of a better word… lazy. It was a wonderful decision for me to attend this lecture (and to force Arkie to come with me :P)! So some interesting things to note:

  • Start with looking are yourSELF! Recognize your strengths (if you’re good at something, accept that you ARE GOOD at them… don’t wave them off as the task was easy), recognize your personal style
  • Cultivate your network – Think of it as cultivating a garden… you need to put time, energy, effort in maintaining the network just as you would with maintaining a garden
  • Be strategic! – Think of it as writing a paper. It requires initiative
  • Identify someone in your school/work/public eye/media that you want to be… see how they got to where they are. What organizations, boards did they join? etc.
  • For women: be aware of saying “sorry”… we sometimes apologize for things we simply don’t need to apologize for. I’ve noticed that I do this… As a way of saying “excuse me”… I’ll watch out for this!

Do you have any of your own experiences you’d like to share? How do you cultivate YOUR network? Is there anything above that you disagree with? Do you like the National Museum of Women in the Arts? I’d love to hear from you 🙂

It was a good experience, a good lunch, a good tour… Arkie and I stopped by the McDonald’s in the National Air & Space Museum afterwards… and checked our the early flight exhibit …. what a way to spend a Saturday morning/afternoon 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Today, I’m thinking about cultivating my garden… [How do you Network?]

  1. way to give your happy mean a photo of its own.
    looks fun and informative!! at one point john and i decided to practice randomly saying “i’m not sorry” as a means to counteract that. thanks for the tips! – points well taken

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