Today, I am back from a trip to the Windy City!

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After a weekend getaway in Louisville (well, I didn’t really end up spending much time here) and Chicago, I’m glad to be back in good ole DC and working. I do love taking trips & traveling, though! 🙂

My old Kentucky home :) (Louisville skyline from the Ohio River)

My old Kentucky home 🙂 (Louisville skyline from the Ohio River)

Growing up in Louisville, Chicago was the closest “real” big city near us – a 5 hour drive. This means that I’ve probably visited Chicago 10+ times in my life. Ten is probably far far far underestimate from the actually number of times. I’m sorry… I don’t mean to offend any of you all… but I’ve never been a fan of NYC. I like it. I like visiting but other than that, I’m quite over it. However, every time I visit Chicago, despite knowing how cold (nippy noodles!) it can get, I see myself living in the city. Who knows? Maybe I’ll stay in the DMV area… or maybe I’ll actually go back to the great, the beautiful, the wonderful Kentucky 😛

Loved the Chicago River + Lake Michigan tour that we went on… I got to ride on the “water elevator”… um, what else? Chinatown was dear to me, as always. Millennium Park always makes for a great people watching spot… and walking along the lake shore is wonderful. Calming for the mind. A late dinner on July 4th meant that all hopes of catching the fireworks was gone down the drain. They closed off most streets and we saw a couple of fireworks peep over the bridge. 🙂 It was just good to be with my parents again and spend quality family time with them. Also, side note, SUCH GOOD FOOD.

Anyways, some highlights of my trip in the slideshow below. Hover your mouse over each picture to see the comments. Enjoy! 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Today, I am back from a trip to the Windy City!

  1. You were in my neck of the woods! Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself and the FOOD. Seriously, after living in Chicago for two years, I can’t even eat at chain restaurants anymore. My palette has evolved. 😛

  2. fancy slideshow with beautiful pictures!! it sounds like a great trip to the windy city … speaking of which, i’m still waiting on my explanation of that nickname …

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