Today, a Brief update from Germany!

It’s been a nonstop, hectic 9 (only 9!) days since I left BP for Frankfurt. As Jarkie noted in a previous post, I was without Internet for a while. — Nothing like total disconnection to make me realize my dependence on e-mail and search engines. My Internet is still very limited here, since setting up temporary access has proven quite the challenge, but it’s nice in a way not to be interrupted by the regular pings and beeps of iThings. As I type this (offline, to be posted later), I’m looking out from the 15th floor of my apartment building to this view of the outer city limits and parts of downtown.

Room with a view!

Room with a view!

Tomorrow is my first day of nursing practice in a nearby hospital’s psychiatry department. One of my school’s requirements is a 4-week hospital stint learning about basic clinical care. I’m looking forward to hands-on learning and meeting new people, though I’m trying to keep my expectations low, given that, at this stage of my training, this applies to me in the hospital hierarchy:

Take care for now! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Today, a Brief update from Germany!

  1. Pretty view! I’m still laughing at that gif! So true. Tis how I feel errr-day. If it’s any comfort to you.. I’m even lower than you (currently) on that hierarchy 😛
    ❤ miss you!

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