Today, I am still reeling…


BRASIL WON THE CONFEDERATIONS CUP YESTERDAY AND I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER. Like actually…the joy I felt yesterday and am still reeling from today is unmatched in recent memory.

I’ve probably already explained this but I will again for good measure. Every Haitian is a Brasil fan. Well…that is rather wishful thinking. We have some scattered Argentina fans out there (including some family members) but I ignore those people. Because Haiti doesn’t have a formidable national team*, and hasn’t had one ever, we are primed to pledge allegiance to other footballing nations. If anyone has ever wondered why I’m obsessed with learning Portuguese, this is part of the reason. Brasil recognizes this too! They sent their national team to Haiti and the whole country shut down. An example to adequately convey the depth of fandom: when B lost in the 2010 world cup, while I simply cried my eyes out, a young Haitian man walked into the street in front of a moving car. So…there you have it. Anyway, seeing Brasil win yesterday reaffirmed to me and every other Canarinha that it’s not over for us and we can become a superpower once again….to rephrase: we are a superpower once again.

(I have to say it was almost sad seeing Spain lose but not so much because they really played badly. Anyway, my Chelsea and Madrid boys were playing and so I was a bit bummed for them…shout out to Juan, Nando, Azpi, Ramos, Iker, Arby!)

*Haiti is getting better! My dad and I are going to catch them in NY next week! PUMPED.

Anyway, here are some pictures of New Orleans so I can stop typing because I can go on and on about this football thing.


20130701-141816.jpg    20130701-141905.jpg

20130701-141840.jpg    20130701-141949.jpg




10 thoughts on “Today, I am still reeling…

  1. I saw so many unhappy posts about the game… oops. sorry. match. Yesterday. But I’m glad my dearest markie is happy. I have a new career idea for you. You should make the Haiti team better. I don’t know what the official position would be called 😛 ❤

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  3. wow, i totally missed this. i feel bad for JM but HAPPY FOR YOU. 😀 hope you’re still feeling residual joy!

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