Today, I find samples and samples!

I love receiving free things… especially since I’m now in the process of applying to schools (crossing my fingers) … More school means more money being taken away from me. What does that mean? Gotta save!

I was happy to have stumbled upon this Biore rewards program as I was browsing through blogs (I found it here at All About Freebies – thanks for sharing!) You can become part of the rewards program by clicking here, and you’ll automatically receive 50 points. You can redeem 10 points for a Deep Cleansing Sample Pack now… I got mine a couple days ago and can’t wait for it to arrive in the mail!  You can answer the daily trivia and completely daily tasks (they total up to 10 points). You can also receive points for visiting the app (on fb) a certain number of days in a row, etc… and there’s more! You can receive points (100 pts) for joining on your mobile… and earn even more points (600-900) for providing codes that are in specially marked packages. I happened to find a box of Biore nose strips that I had bought a few months ago! Lucky me! I did not throw away the packaging and found my reward code! That alone gave me ~700 points! They should still have some sample packs left.  When you get to 2600 points, you can redeem those for a full-size items! So will you join?

See the pink band at the top left that says Prove It Rewards? Those are the products that have the codes! via

See the pink band at the top left that says Prove It Rewards? Those are the products that have the codes! via

Here are some other samples that I’ve either gotten in the past or am waiting to receive 🙂

  • Arm & Hammer sensitive toothpaste (toothpaste)
  • Exclusive Pureology Sample (hair)
  • Gevalia Coffee (coffee)
    I got this in the mail a few weeks ago, it was actually pretty good! I was able to make a whole pot of coffee! 🙂
    Nescafe Taster’s Choice Stick Packs (coffee)
    Six instant packs … I tried the hazelnut/vanilla ones… I actually combined them since each pack only makes 6 oz… I just don’t like watered down coffee.. but as far as instant coffee goes, Nescafe prob has the best (in my opinion).
  • Cetaphil Sample  (skincare)– I’m not sure if these are still available! I was able to grab one… seems like they’re one-time sample packets! You get to choose between 3 different items, I believe.
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